The real btc-o-matic Bitcoin ATM machine biggest SCAM exposing ties to

Thanks to one of my blog follower on this scam subject tied to and There appear to be a real company, real business out there name “QiWi” terminal, look like an ATM machine. However many questions surfaces, are these the same folks operating or does took all the money from its members Scamming them with fake promises and return, in the end uses the money to run this QiWi Terminal business?. Or was it just a copy cat from real business design?

On my previous blog, I mentioned that the design of and look so much similar. Almost the same. Now let’s take a look at the videos.

Here is the video of the actual ATM machine so call, or whatever terminal machine they call it, appears to be for QiWi terminal.

Now let’s take a look at ATM machine. The only different is has that QR bitcoin code