Unbelievable that many people still falls for coingeneration.com SCAM

I just couldn’t believe the amount of people falls for coingeneration.com SCAM up till this day, and even today. Is it because these victims don’t believe what others whom came before them experienced? like myself here, had fallen victims to coingeneration.com, ipuservices.com, coinbeez.com, topcapitalist, geniuscapital, and so on. All these and more websites claimed to be a company, a business, investing firms that will give you large return for your dollars. Many had fallen for the scam and loss so much money with these websites. However there are a very small amount of people lucky enough to get out, and was able to get their return of investment (ROI) back and never go back again, very smart!

Bottom line, there isn’t a real business out there that would give you such large returns on your investment in so little time. Have you every question that? Have you ever question the office address location, disclaimer, terms of services are realistic? The office address, is it a real physical address? Well just to answer a couple question.

The office address are virtual offices, anyone with $10 a month or less can rent that office, furthermore the person whom that office isn’t the owner or staff or have anything to do with coingeneration.com for instant. The person whom ever rented that office was a stolen identity.

The website and webhosting also registered under a stolen identity. Ever wondering why so hard for authority to reach out and trying to catch the thieves? First and foremost, officials authorities would probably not going to engage in investigations reported by the victims whom fallen for online scam investments, it ain’t gonna happen that easily. The basic principal is, you basically took a gamble, took a bet, saying that this online business is real and you will make money. Many if not all loss, because these scammers operates intelligently, they know when you will stop investing, they manage individual investors and can pause payout anytime they want, in this case when they know you investment strategies.

The sad is that, these types online scam business online such as coingeneration.com will keep continue to operate to that last $1 investors, then when no more investors, they continue to operate on a newer websites, and they have many. Another sad thing, nothing anyone can do about it. Just have to educate people not to fall for these types of scam.

For coingeneration.com alone, they have made visible multiple scams on different websites. Such as dgstocks.com which never really get launched, fake promised, fake stories written by the same author on newsbtc.com Another website related and tied back to coingeneration.com is btc-o-matic.com Another big scam taking advantage of Bitcoin BTC to get victims to purchase Bitcoin ATM machine, I doubt anyone falls for that btc-o-matic ATM machine yet. I hope that no one will buy the btc-o-matic.com Bitcoin BTC ATM machine from them even if its reals. Investors should be aware that any business claims to be related to coingeneration.com to stay away. Surprisingly newsbtc.com one article written by a person in these whom speaks the same way coingeneration.com published its news, talks about coingeneration.com btc-o-matic.com Bitcoin BTC ATM machine installed in a ghost coffee shop where there isn’t anyone around. I wonder if anyone for that, questioning, how can a business make money in an empty ghostly coffee shop? wouldn’t they install the BTC ATM machine in location such as a casino or something instead?