What’s the latest on cointellect? scam yet?

Short answer: NO, no sign of scam yet, just rules and policies becoming more strict.

So what’s going with cointellect now a day? – surprisingly to many people that have invested in HYIP (high yield investment program) before, indicated that this project still alive since mid 2014 I believe. Many projects similar to this cointellect which derived from HYIP doesn’t stayed alive long; most last 6 months the most, but an average of 3 months or short where people noticed not paying or members being paid managed individually.

Got to say that cointellect might be a round for a bit longer, but it’s hard to say. However based on the evidence, if members are following rules, most likely will get paid without any interruptions. If members tried to outsmart cointellect, such as creating multiple accounts, using proxies, VPN, VPS and so on and so forth, including using same payout dogecoin address and identity credit card will most likely get their earning freeze and required to contact dogecoin support but guaranteed will get it resolved.

Now if we review the contract. Forget the Demo cointellect contract, you will not profit much or if at all due to credit card foreign fee charges and if you paid via bitcoin, there is a price fluctuation. So again, forget the demo if you’re going to buy a contract.

OK so if you’re going to buy a cointellect contract, you might need to get the 3 months, and use a credit card instead. Most bank will let you create a claim to get your full amount money back if it was a scam within the 45 days period, this is also within the 45 days you will get your initial investment back from cointellect or also known as ROI. Some bank will allow to create a claim a lot more than 45 days. This is for safety, just in case you loose your money to cointellect due to scam. Just to be clear, you can only claim for the amount that is paid, not amount that was paid + the profit you already withdraw to doge for example, just to be fair. You will be wasting a lot of time going through the fraud claim process with your bank if cointellect scam or fraud.

Now if you’re using crypto pay, or paid via bitcoin to buy contract. Tough luck, or should I say, you’re out of luck, no way you can get your money back. The only thing you can do is report to the FBI, BBS, or FTC government, each countries have its websites. However you will most likely will never see your money again you paid using Bitcoin, chances are 0.001% even if authorities are involved to track down cointellect scam.

Final thought. Cointellect so far, isn’t show any big sign of scam, but when it hit, probably going to be big. Probably will not be a slow death, slowly making up stories to kill time to withdraw all the money and run away. It will be a quick shut down of everything. One you will see it there, one day will no longer see it. Then again, it could be a slow death similar to coingeneration.com btc-o-matic.com where the project was paying really good for 3-4 months, then after that just making up stories reason for not paying and eventually nobody getting paid as coingeneration took care of all the credit card cards transactions reversal but for those folks that paid using crypto coin or one way transaction virtual currencies, nothing can be done to get money back, your money is gone.