Will coingeneration.com DG stock holder members get paid soon?

Short answer, “NO”, older members of coingeneration.com (DigitalGeneration, DG, CG), will not get paid. However if coingeneration.com saw my post, or this post, they may pay pennies and I say “pennies” don’t expect big payout at all. Think about it, think about the amount coingeneration.com has to paid, how many DG stocks members waiting for payout, think how much money each members accumulated ever since April 2013, although some get paid a fraction of what was earned between April 2013 and November 2013. Those “pennies” payout were just a strategy they have to kill time to keep members will file complaint of scamming, kill time to cash out their money.

Coingeneration.com greatest strategies are, posting News written in a professional manner except one time they use the word “shitty” toward its members when they know they’re scamming the members. 99% members believed coingeneration.com stories back in April 2013 toward a couple months after that, and then from June 2013 to September 2013, about 50% still have faith with coingeneration.com Then since then to November 2013, about 15% have faith. Then since November 2013 to today only 1% of people hoping for faith, and these are the older members of coingeneration.com got tricked into joining the DG Stocks. Since November 2013, new members whom joined did get paid somewhat instantly and consistently, it is the next wave of scamming money. However these payout ended now just fake scripted payout history popping up in the Gateway status.

The older members get to see newer withdraw payout, but don’t get any payout instead seeing news of broken promises, lied, lies about DG Stock trading platform, btc-o-matic.com scamming to get Bitcoin from members, I hope that no one fall for that trick of btc-o-matic.com

Bottom line, a big “NO”, older members of coingeneration.com you will not get paid, it’s a lie. Another big reason is coingeneration.com domain will expire on September 2013. Only a few a months away and coingeneration.com have not renewed their domain registrar yet. What kind of business don’t renew their domain or wait until the last minute to renew?

Subject: DG

I understand why you uploaded this kind of information.

But don\’t you think we are going to be paid soon ?

I mean everything is finnaly moving so maybe in May we will have a big surprise.

How will you feel after ?