Can’t login to website? but coin miner still running?

To be fair, I will share a respond from cointellect.

Name: Daniel Filipe Fonseca
E-Mail: [email protected]
Subject: CoIntellect
Message: Hello! How are you? I was reading your articles about CoIntellect and I found many inaccuracies.

I realized that you think we are a scam and we are cheating our customers. But that is no true.

I would like you give to us the contradictory. We can make an article for you where we will explain why we are not a scam.

If you prefer, we can do an interview and we will answer all of your questions and doubts.

I will wait for your reply to my message.
Yours Faithfully

Daniel Filipe Fonseca

Yeah it’s coming to an end. Cointellect users has been reporting a lot of problem more frequently now. Like all projects, it will end one day, and look like will end sooner than most people expected, similar to HYIP high yield investment programs.

For those that are still mining I hope that you realized by having VPS rent for 1 cent, the data center already shut you down, prevent you from running mining. For those that have multiple computers on the same IP, many of them, you already know that you’re not making anything, basically all equal to running one computer while your computer got raped with resources from coinminer. You paid a ton more on electricity than earning doegcoin.

For those that are stuck with a 90 days contract? you’re out of luck, this is where things get fishy. The coinminer software was a gimmicks to make the project realistic. The professional website layout and software was a gimmicks to make them professional. Unfortunately, only have one support guy trolling and searching the internet for people blog and forums that talks about the negativity, the truth about cointellect scam and responded to the blog with a tone that does not represent professionalism, but rather a tone of a child or a kid, a hackers to be exact. The 10 days was also a gimmicks, for trial that suck you in, and give them free money that you cannot get back that easily.

This is similar to and so on, many out there now. Many copy cat with different flavor. So watch out!