Google had resumed crawling or indexing this site for a while

I have not checked this site for a while, but look like google resumed crawling or indexing this website for a while. A while back this was flagged for possible potential malware attack website dangerous to visit to browse to. The actual issue was, if I recalled back correctly, one of my other site was the culprit, this site was linking to that bad website and as a result was flagged the same for just having a back-link.

Now the question is, will google adsense re-enabled for this site? or is it banned forever? I haven’t tried, but I don’t know if I should try.


No go google will not reindex this website

Kind of sad news, google webmaster responded that they will not index my website. Basically they said it’s still bad, doesn’t meet their guideline to reindex again. I guess the hack was pretty bad, tons of redirect link. It will take a lot of effort, and I think it will take more effort to fix this than to create a new blog or website start from scratch again I guess.

What I’m thinking doing is to move my contents to another domain that I have. Block all bots, disable crawling from all search engines to this website. Then on my new site, restore all contents again to see if it work, see if google will crawl it.

Now I know that google is smart enough to know if I’ve taken the contents from another site put it on another site. However what I’m doing is not really that, I’m deleting a bad site that does not have any contents on google index, and restore the contents to my new site. Let see if that work. Soon say bye bye to this blog, I’m starting a new one ­čÖé


Is net cast fishing permit or allow in the New Jersey and Delaware bay shore?

I’ve been researching to see if it’s legal or permitted to do net cast fishing in the New Jersey Delaware Bay, especially in the Northeast Cape May area Villas.

We will be in the North of Cape May Delaware. We rented a vacation home there, will spend long week end there. Oh yeah!, so now hackers know I’m away from home, preparing to hack me again for some reason whatever that may be, maybe because my web server is week and so script kiddie took advantage to turn my web server into a hacking machine hacking, using my ID to hack the web.

OK so, let’s get back to the main topic for this blog entry. Is net cast fishing permitted? I’ve not seen any information on the web that would indicate permitted or not, so I guess I can net cast fishing until someone told me so, and I will stop and hopefully I will not get fined big if were to get caught. Or perhaps net cast is permitted and doesn’t care about it since not much fish there or difficult to catch fish with net cast, or net cast will destroy your net because of the bottom has sharp objects or something similar to that matter.

When I was in Canada, I read about net cast fishing on both the Canadian border and US water, it is permitted but to catch certain fish such as bait fish and some other fish that are abundant, so I’m guessing same rule applied here. To me, the bottom line is, I go fishing with a permit and to catch fish, as long as I know my quota and the size of the fish I can catch then I think it’s within the compliance area. As long that I’m not fishing or catching fish in a way to destroy the fish population or commercial fishing. Will see.

Got a respond back from google after submitting review request for reconsidering indexing

Got this message below after submitting a request for google to reconsider indexing website again. It will take several weeks look like it.

We’ve received a request from a site owner to reconsider how we index the following site:
We’ll review the site. If we find that it’s no longer in violation of our Webmaster Guidelines, we’ll reconsider our indexing of the site. Please allow several weeks for the reconsideration request. We do review all requests, but unfortunately we can’t reply individually to each request.
For reference, here is the full text of the original reconsideration request that was submitted for your site:
“My blog was hacked, a lot of html files were generated in the root directory and other public folders. I deleted all the files. Reinstalled WordPress Blog, restored Database, installed malware virus scan, installed additional firewall. Tested it, looks clean. I used “Hacked Sites Troubleshooter” just now to validate and it passed all green. Please help me reindex site. Thank you”

Use “Hacked Sites Troubleshooter” from google master to request for “Manual Actions”

Turns out, google webmaster has tools to check to see if your website is clean after being hacked. It call “Hacked Sites Troubleshooter”, you’ll be going through the trouble shooter step by step to see if your is ready for being reindexed again on google search engine.

After the “Hacked Sites Troubleshooter” completed, I can submit “Request for review” but Google said it will take sometime. Maybe a week, a month, I don’t know. Will see.

I guess I learned the hard way. I should have harden my web server security, should have update my antivirus ensure it’s working properly and real time proactively.

Google still not indexed my website yet

Last night, I spent a little bit more time on checking up the files and directories for wordpress to see if malwares or virus still exist, and indeed it does. I continue to have tons of links created html russian redirect websites look like it, I didn’t take a look at it real close, instead I deleted all garbage files. I’m thinking of doing a complete reinstall of wordpress and then harden wordpress prevent it from harder to get hacked.

I guess time to spend some more time on reading how to harden wordpress blog. Maybe this is the first step I need to do before I ask google to index my website blog again.

Still not showing up on search engine yet

As of today, my website blog still not showing up on google search engine yet, although it’s showing on bing.

What I did recently was enabled Google Webmaster tools account and started to follow the direction from google to get website listed on google search engine again. I updated the wordpress sitemap plugin, and notified google of the sitemap. Then I went to Google Webmaster tools and forced ┬ásitemap refresh on my blog, but it’s giving some redirect message, not really understanding what that mean.

Look like I will need to read more on how to resolve this issue. This is after I got hacked with my wordpress blog showing tons of redirect link multiplied in size directing traffic to some spam website.

My quest to get google search engine start re-crawling my blog again

Hackers hacked my website, from defacing to loading bogus scam fraud information on my wordpress blog website. It’s been a while and now it’s time to work on getting it back to get google search engine to start crawling again.

As of now, August 31st 2015, google search engine contain no link at all to my blog of, checked by search for This was the result a hack attack, loading my web server with massive bogus links and redirect link other website, hurting my server and the quality of my blog showing up on google search engine.

I managed to get a fresh install of the web server wordpress to restore my blog original data linkes DB and so on. I did know of the issue until it was too late, weeks later, because I didn’t check my website as often as I should be. I learned it the hard way, and now I’ve done a few things including checking for defacing and changes to certain area of the website to notify my if anything changes so that I can quickly prevent deeper hack that is currently in progress, I’m sure it will help, but impossible to prevent a hack starting, just need to know hack started and I can shut down the site and restore it immediately.

So today will be my first day, trying to research and get my blog showing up on google search engine again. What I did was enrolled to google webmaster and did some analysis and enabled the robot.txt to look for my site again,