So much good news on Bitcoin but yet the price of Bitcoin goes down

So what happening with Bitcoin? According to the news in regard to Bitcoin, now a day there are so many good news about Bitcoin development, so many business are interested and some adopted it already, some are thinking about it, and very little are still skeptical about Bitcoin.

With the news that silk road operator goes to jail and the FBI agents whom investigate silk road took or stolen some of the Bitcoin at the time and cash it to at least $800,000 during the time are also in hot water now and probably will be on trial and prison sentence soon. Almost seems like Bitcoin is a drug in this case.

Back to the price of Bitcoin, why is it going down? well it’s not really going down, it’s been hovering between $200 and close to $300 for a month. At least it’s not down down to like $100s, so maybe it stabilize at $200-$300, lower than this value would trigger lots of buy volume. No one really know, just speculation where the rich with money buy and sell pretty quick since to them is high risk.

So who won those Bitcoins that government auctioned? yep two winners, are they selling it little by little? possibly.

What happen to Bitcoin mining? for sure it’s not for profit anymore. For those that think they can purchase bitcoin ming to make money, it’s not possible today and maybe not in a year or two. However you can mine and just save your Bitcoin, don’t sell it, otherwise it’s a loss; this is if you can afford electricity and get the miner cheap, to me, it’s better to buy Bitcoin directly and save it. Mining still happening for bigger commercial mining farm, such as the early adopter, meaning people whom had been mining for a long time and profit quite a bit of money already and able to afford electricity and equipment. For new mining farm, it’s probably not a good idea.

Airplane cockpit bullet proof locked could be potential dangers

I don’t know much about how airplane cockpit door work, but as far as I know this door now a day is bullet proof and next to impossible to break down during in flight. Next to impossible to break down because nobody on board would have weapons to break it down, and even if there’s a federal agent with guns, can’t easily shoot it down either.

So again I’m don’t know much about the operation process, but I’m sure it is possible that if there are more than one pilot, one can lock out the other pilot by either systematically denied access to get back in, such as the pilot from the outside entering the code to get in, but inside the other person have a few seconds to denied it, and kept on denying it. If the door have a physical handle, then it’s worst, even if outside have to the code to get in and fast enough to open the lock, but the physical handle lock it, makes the automatic code entries useless because is locked with a lever from the inside.

So with all these being said, what happened to GermanWing airplane that crashed confirmed appears to be a co-pilot suicide want to bring all 150~ people on board with him. The co-pilot also been confirmed had a history of mental illness problem, and GermanWing said that all their pilot goes through passing grade of mental medical test, apparently not this co-pilot. So who is held responsible? I say start with GermanWing or the airline industry, what kind of medical test saying PASSED when this co-pilot clearly have mental illness.

Now back to the door airplane cockpit door issue. How to improve? well some say get pilot diaper, it’s a joke, but not funny, this case pilot doesn’t need to leave their seat, well what if the other pilot trick him and kill him or injured him to commit this act? same thing. Some recommend to build a toilet inside the cockpit, but again not really feasible. How about training and extensive medical illness test? Well to me, the real solution is remote flying, meaning if the plane is in trouble and strange activities detected the remote location would get notified and a remote pilot can override the pilot up in the air by locking it, then have the plane circling up the sky until things has been rectified, and if possible have the remote pilot land plane nearest airport.

Final words. Rest in peace GermanWing flight that crashed into France remote mountain, please help us solve the mystery and prevent this occurrences.

Facebook make people stupid

Apparently there are lots and lots of people writings about how Facebook can make people stupid both online and in real life, and on top of that impacting your general intelligence. The ones whom are writing about the negative side of facebook, we don’t know if they’re bias or hatred of facebook or had some bad encounter with facebook or something I don’t know.

My own opinion, yes and now, could impact a person’s intelligence.

Yes, you will become stupid, if you use facebook in a wrong way. Let say you check facebook daily and you subscribed to posting or newsfeed that are not  from a credible source then most likely you will get the wrong news. Sadly also as you scroll up and down, there will be some advertisements that will trick you to become curious and you clicked on it and started reading and you actually believe it or fall for it.

No, you will not become stupid if you use facebook the right way. Basically the opposite of the yes above. Subscribe to credible news sources such as CNN and so on. Only connect your facebook to friends that you know in real life, and off course your family comes first. Don’t just add thousand of friends to facebook. Having like a dozen helpful facebook friends is better than having thousands of friends that clicked on LIKE, it’s like clicking LIKE war game whoever get the most likes WIN.

Bitcoin will crashed to below $100 in March 2015 due to government auction of 50 thousand Bitcoin?

If you’ve been following Bitcoin news lately, you would know today US Government announced another 50 thousand Bitcoin to be auctioned to the public. How much Bitcoin does the US Government have anyways? We probably don’t know, but it appears that they have a lot of Bitcoin to be auctioned a little bit each time, every so often. Why don’t the government also auction marijuana? well see that’s the thing government accept Bitcoin existent.

Based on historical data, anytime there’s a big auction like this, 50 thousand Bitcoin, it will surely hurt Bitcoin price slowly. At first the people get panic selling, then some will short sell days before happening, then finally whoever won the auction will most likely sell it little by little and thus causing Bitcoin price to tumble.

So what will the Bitcoin price be after the auction completed on March 2015? – most speculated to be below $100, then a surge in buying will risen up the price of Bitcoin again. Single digit is possible, but it will not be $50 because at this price we would see big surge in purchasing Bitcoin and will cause the price to go up $100 to $200 real fast. However there could those with amount of purchasing power to buy and sell to make a profit, similar to arbitrage.

It is also possible, and hopefully it is, that one of the Bitcoin exchange business such as Bitstamp and Coinbase will enter the auction and win it, otherwise it will fall into the wrong hand and could do harm to Bitcoin. I’m not saying that Coinbase will not do harm, but I feel much safe and better if one of the well known Bitcoin exchange won it, especially coinbase which had been doing a lot of improvements and development to publicize Bitcoin.

Bitcoin GPU mining Finally paid off my Newegg credit card account with no interest

During those days when Bitcoin price started to rise, I invested money in mining equipment specifically to mine Bitcoin. What other ways better than those GPU miner? Yep, I took advantage of the Newegg credit card with no interest for 12 months, and the 12 months was over today, my final payment of $250 to paid off done.

Yes, I did spent $3000 worth of GPU related mining equipment for a 12 months no interest. I split the monthly payment evenly to avoid interest and I made it. Each month $250 for 12 months. Now I got $250 a month spending power 🙂

It’s kind of cool that most credit card company allow you to buy things and pay monthly without interest for a year typically. I took advantage and I accomplished paying it, although I heard of many people couldn’t make the payment and in the end put themselves in further credit card debts. For me I did the calculation carefully, make sure I can afford it, and whatever it take to make that $250 a month, even if I have to work week end to make that $250 a month. Although during that time I was able to make more than $250 a month selling the bitcoin I mined.

Now a day, mining for are no longer profitable at this time. However people can continue mining, just make sure you can afford electricity by not selling any of your Bitcoin mined. Keep your Bitcoin safe, and maybe in the next 5 to 10 years it will rise to $1000 or more again.

Is this the world largest Bitcoin mining operations?

This is probably one of the biggest Bitcoin mining operations in the world. This one is in China, located in a perfect place where cheap power and cool climate for running these mining rigs.

This Bitcoin mining operation claimed to paid $80K (usd) in electric bill a month, and about 4000BTC mined monthly. So if you do the match, you will see that they’re in the profit, however we need to factor in the initial investments, and rent employees working there. Appears that these employees are being paid well. These employees must have computer skill, will train on maintenance of the Bitcoin miners.

At the current price of Bitcoin $230, this operation are making about $1 million dollars worth of Bitcoin monthly. Now imagine if the price of Bitcoin is at $1000, that’s very profit if Bitcoin price ever to go back up again to $1000.

I started mining Bitcoin with a computer, making a couple Bitcoin a day, and then the difficulty increased, so hard to make bitcoin, I had to abandon my computer and get many GPUs but still making less Bitcoin like 1 btc a week. Then ASIC came out and I had to abandon GPU and use ASIC. Then now with Bitcoin at $200, even with ASIC I’m not making any money to pay for electricity, and so I had to abandon ASIC also, and now just hold a few Bitcoin waiting for it to go back up hopefully at $1000 then I cash it out. Yes everyone is saying Bitcoin will be up over $1000 eventually, for sure not in the next couple of years, maybe 5 to 10 years. I think I can wait 🙂

the world largest bitcoin mining operation in dalian china

the world largest bitcoin mining operation in dalian china

Tesla “Insane Mode” button zero in 70mph in 4 seconds? WHAT?

Well no, not really in 4 seconds. However when you pressed that “Insane Mode” button, your Tesla car accelerated like a rocket ship if you even been into one, well about just like how you step on your car gas pedal to the floor without any hiccup on the engine that is. Yeah try to put the pedal to the metal with your pinto or old corolla car, it’s not going anywhere because most likely your carb will get flooded gasoline and the car won’t start.

Tesla has many technological advance in innovation. Tesla is just one, there are also Space X which aim to take human to orbit and beyond affordable for the average Joe, and possible giving people ideas to build their own rocketship and spaceship for traveling beyond our solar solar system. Talking about that, the new star war movie is coming out, long time from today though 🙂

Tesla Insane Mode acceleration crash

Tesla Insane Mode acceleration crash

Are you a parents of little kids? things to know that makes sense

I found a post on huffingtonpost news media magazine news paper I guess. This article is interesting, although many things I’ve already done or knew about just like many others. Some not so easy to do, but the rest should be straight forward. However there is one thing that I can’t never really done politely or nicely.

Below sounds easy to do, but let say you’re writing or blogging sometime and your kids came along and ask questions or just want some attention and you think you take your mind off the computers? sure it’s not easy most of the time you’re into the writing that you’re doing, or chatting with someone, or reading something, or some working to be done. It’s not easy, but YOU GOT TO DO IT! which is important? ok see you’re debating giving reasons for ignoring your kids or tell them to go away.

9. Unplug when you’re with your kids.
“When your kid talks to you, PLEASE turn off the cell phone and the computer. You can check email after they go to bed.” — E.K.

CNN published amazing pictures of new discovered planets possibly

I’ve been always fascinated with science and technology, especially the universe. Very seldom often where CNN news would publish certain contents about the universe in its frontpage or head line news. Well today, it did, and it’s a wonder finds. This will get people think outside of the box, outside of Earth for sure 🙂 There are many planets could be beyond Pluto within our solar system. If you think Saturn ring is awesome! well wait till you see what astronomer discovered similar planet to Saturn except its rings are much bigger, how about a lot bigger than the planet itself.

Saturn has ring, just rocks circling the planet, and yeah some do go off the ring once in a while but not much, not alarming. Now the new discovered planets have rings many times the size of planet circling, 200 times larger than Saturn. Makes me wonders how that possible because it need to have strong gravitational force to keep it on its right position. Very interesting.

new planet saturn discovered with 200 times the ring of saturn

new planet saturn discovered with 200 times the ring of saturn