Shopkick scam / fraud

I was introduce to Shopkick beginning of this year and have been using until today.

Let me give you a brief summary of what Shopkick is. Shopkick is a mobile app that you go to the selected store and scan the barcode of item listed. You can say it’s like a scavenger hunt. once you scan, it will give you points. Enough points will reward you a giftcard to your select stores. This is great if you have a kids or on a hot summer day. Make money while keeping you cool without spending money on AC.

Recently I update my apps and got a message stated that I was ban from shopkick. I emailed them with a statement that I have follow the rules and in no shape or form that I have violate their TOS. Their reply seems to indicate that I been using the barcode a website to get point which this is probably their excuses to ban me. I have no intention to fraud them in any way. Their reply also stated that they cannot enable an account once it’s been ban but suggest to still use their app to save money when buying merchandise. This is nonsense. If you get ban from using their app to make money, why would you want to continue using it to make money for them?

It’s not like I’m profiting 1000s of dollar in a short amount of time from them. A small amount of pocket change totaling less than 100 dollars when I started. I look it as an enjoyment to spend time and doing something meaningful with families.

Not to mention, earlier this year, my nephew had the same situation. Once in a full moon he goes to the store and use shopkick to scan for items. One day he turn it on to scan at the store and there the pop up “too bad” banner come up. You are banned!.

Shopkick is another scam / fraud. Once you reach to certain amount, they will flag you and ban you for nonsense reason. Truly, you scan item to get points while they get advertisement money. You earn too much points they will ban you in an instant. No question ask.

RadioLoyalty purposely not giving you captcha so they don’t have to pay you credit

Having problem with RadioLoyalty? you’re not alone!  As more and more people reported problems with using RadioLoyalty to earn credits for giftcard. Almost everybody have problem with Captcha not appearing for the whole day, and sometime even after clearing cache and restart the browser still don’t work.

A lot of RadioLoyalty listeners agreed to this post below I got from another forum.

The issue is not because of the browsers that you use, nor the operating system or computer itself. I’m not 100% sure about it but I’m guessing that your ISP is not the problem either. This is something RadioRoyalty does frequently and RR itself is aware of these problems. I’ve used various browsers and used Windows 7 and about 3 Linux operating systems on different computers for many months. I even went as far as borrowing someone else’s laptop that has never used any GPT and RR, and took it to a friend’s house to try RR there but the problems were the same. My friend uses the same ISP as I do, so I can’t say if this is AT&T DSL that’s causing RR to act this way, but I’m sure RR is doing things on purpose just so they can get away with not paying. The problems with the SolveMedia captcha happen nowhere else, and other times, RR refreshes itself right before the captchat should appear. It’s really a shame that they purposely do these things. It’s not like they’re sharing loads of money, you know. All those ads around pay more than what regular people like us would really know.

I too did some test and it appears that RadioRoyalty isn’t doing much to fix, so therefore it’s safe to say RadioLoyalty left the problem there on purpose to not paying the listeners money for listening to Radio station with advertisements and a lot of advertisements.

radioroylaty scam not paying members not fixing captcha problems purposely enable issue

radioroylaty scam not paying members not fixing captcha problems purposely enable issue

Bitcoin and Dogecoin Wallet stolen by hackers through teamviewer

OK here’s an update. I just got a chance to take a look at the last computer that hacker got into via teamview. I checked the log, and there wasn’t a Teamviewer ID, so for sure the hacker was able to hack my master account password to teamviewer. Then uses the teamview account login name password to get into all the computer listed in my account in a flash.

The teamviewer log from the last computer hacker got into indicated that there was no other teamviewer ID than my master ID that got in. So apparently the hacker somehow was able to get a hold of my teamview master account. I have all my Teamview program uninstalled and probably will reinstall it for now, unless I feel the need for it and probably will take extra precaution, meaning strong password and do not ever use unattended login session, and once done, always exit out of Teamviewer.

At the moment, what I’m doing is retrieve all my dogecoin wallet and send it to one dogecoin account, and perhaps to cryptsy since I have a verified account with cryptsy, then convert it to BTC once all moved to there. Once I converted to BTC, I will move it to my local computer and back it up to a DVD ROM, USB, and an encrypted online storage, off course multiple encryption secure. Once done, I will delete it off the local computer. Then once Bitcoin up in the 1000s I can retrieve it back, it’s a good idea to check up your backup once in a while like monthly just to be sure it’s still good.

Stay tuned, I will have more update on this adventure of life after getting Teamviewer account hacked.




My teamviewer account got hacked

Just late last night, about 1AM Eastern Time USA (Pennsylvania), as I walked down the stair way at home. I noticed the media computer in the living started blinking. I came closer and took a look. Someone is controlling it through team viewer. The person whom controlling it opened my %appdata% folder and also opened a zip file of multidoge and multibit, these are Bitcoin wallets. Now I know it’s not just a regular hacker, but a hacker aim to find cyptocurrencies wallet to hack. I immediately ended the team viewer session on that computer and scrambled to shut down all teamviewer on my network home computers. All teamviewer sessions ended. I did not get a chance to check for the hacker’s teamviewer or ID or if that’s the way I got hacked, or could be he got my  teamviewer account login email / password.

My first concert was for my Bitcoin wallet. I went ahead and recovered the back, and sent all the Bitcoin to a new wallet. Backed up and encrypted my new wallet again.

Then second concern is all my login name password online account could be compromised. So I changed all account password to all the frequent websites that I go to daily.

It go so late, I think I got all the necessary data backed up, and jumped to bed like 30 minutes later, I though I would be up all night, but I didn’t it was pretty quick. I didn’t think much about it since I got my bitcoin backed up, and slept through til 730am and now up, continuing to check all my computers, will surely change all password, and thinking of encrypting my whole hard drive. Stay tuned, will have more update.

Teamviewer account session got hacked bitcoin dogecoin stolen attempted

Teamviewer account session got hacked bitcoin dogecoin stolen attempted

Don’t sell your products to Ebay buyers that gave other sellers negative feedback

Another thing I learned from Ebay is stay away from selling your merchandise to Ebay buyers that left negative feedback to other sellers, especially feedback that have seller responded. Those Ebay buyers that left negative feedback to sellers and sellers responded, are the Ebay buyers that most likely will get you negative feedback also if your items are used and may have defects that you’re not aware or even if you described clearly, still the EBay Buyer still have the power to give you negative feedback and nothing you can do make them remove.

Rarely any EBay buyers would remove their negative feedback toward you even if you sent replacement, refunded them and begging on your knees, it will be a waste of time, but you can try. So stay away from Ebay buyers that left negative feedback to other sellers that responded to the negative feedback.

Don’t get me wrong, there are bad sellers out there, but if the seller responded to the Buyer’s feedback as follow up and the buyer ignore the message, those are the one I’m talking about. If the seller don’t respond to the negative feedback then most likely there is an issue there with the seller.

A very quick way to check the Ebay buyer seller account for negative feedback to others Ebay seller is simple. Simply click on the Buyer name or feedback #, then click on the tab where it said “Feedback Left for others” you will find negative feedback in red there. The thing about negative feedback left for others is it doesn’t count toward your feedback overall % percentage. You can leave 175 negative feedback with 1 positive feedback, and still get 100% overall feedback rating because negative feedback you left for other ebay don’t count toward your overall rating. Sadly, EBay sellers cannot leave negative feedback to buyers ever, either you don’t give feedback or if you give feedback then it’s automatically positive, and if you left positive feedback and said something like “buyer is fraud” most likely your feedback will get removed if the buyer saw it and report to ebay.

do not sell to ebay buyer that left negative feedback to others

do not sell to ebay buyer that left negative feedback to others

How to cheat Ebay and Ebay sellers to get free merchandise

I had came across so many methods for people to cheat Ebay and Ebay sellers, this is similar to cheating Amazon and many other websites online retailers out there. The method is quite simple really and it work most of the time. I am a Ebay seller and I’ve encountered situation where the buyer cheated me. It is not often the seller would cheat though, but it does happen.

The method that I’m seeing is. Scammer created ebay account with stolen identity which can be purchased online cheap or even free. Scammer would buy virtual merchandise or cheap china merchandise to get feedback. Once feedback reached to favorable dozens or so, Scammer would go on a shopping spree.

Scammer would purchase items and have it drop shipped to someone’s address, and most of the time it’s a drop ship address where the scammer sold it to someone else. The address is confirmed by Paypal and again scammer have ways to confirm the address, and most of the time the account is not Paypal verified, “Unverified”.

After the items shipped and confirmed delivered, the scammer would email the seller and saying that item is no good, broken, only partial quantity received, missing, damage, etc. then asking for refund, or replacement and so on. Many sellers would send replacement, many seller would refund, because due to the fact that the scammer ebay buyer would give negative feedback and can hurt seller’s account.

Some ebay seller report the buyer for suspicious, but the truth is, how many of those scam buyers would get ding by ebay? does ebay even look at those cases? it’s sad that most of the time if not all, Ebay/Paypal are on the buyer’s side, even with adequate evidence Ebay still side with the buyer, your evidence need to be 100% complete such as signature confirmation, products quality, and so on.

So now the buyer scammer have free items and free money to repeat the process over and over again many times, if buyer able to create 10 to 20 accounts, and play around with it daily for 10 to 20 items let say average $10 per item, that’s $100 to $200 a day easy money for the Ebay Scammer Buyer, and they’re not just doing this to Ebay but on amazon many other online retailers. Sadly, most of these activities were not from USA, the scammer just have to be using a VPN or proxies in the USA to create fake account using stolen identity.

The latest example I’ve seen, just posted on Ebay bad ebayer, buyer  “kdelmonte09” purchased an item with quantity of 2. Seller have proof that quantity of 2 were shipped due to the weight of 2 item equate to each other, quantity of 1 would be a lot less. The buyer “kdelmonte09” sent a message to the ebay seller in broken english like really fast message saying they only receive one and they ordered two. What can the seller do in this case? nothing other than either to ship one more or refund quantity of 1. This ebayer “kdelmonte09” is a good example of stolen identity was used, new account created a week old, and has feedback from merchandise purchased from china or virtual items for feedback only. The items probably shipped to someone’s address as a drop ship method that scammer profit more and another profit via refund, keep doing this 10 to 20 times a day imagine the profit the scammer can make. It’s sad that these people have no moral that the seller are trying to make a living selling to make legitimate money for their family supporting their family, but in the end got scammed by these scammers, now if there is Karma, I wouldn’t feel bad these scammers suffer the consequences or seeing their love ones suffer the consequences in life for what they done scamming people hard earning living.

More scam coming soon from cointellect

Ok so who’s still a believer of cointellect? 50%? 10%? 1%? 0%? I don’t have a good idea, but my best guess is below 10% for the new investors and 1% for the people that had encountered these types of ponzi scheme before. Cointellect is the exact concept of after it closed, it make up all kind of stories, such as new website for stocks and selling high end Bitcoin ATM machine. Now cointellect is doing the same thing, passed the ball to another business as they say, but does it even exist? probably not.

So quick question, will anyone ever going to get paid? flat out straight answer NO, if they pay, it would be to new investors to trap them again like the older investors. Chances are no one will invest.

So what happened to the old owners? and staffs? – do they even exist? probably not. There are a hacked identity out there being use to commit crimes online, and it’s not easy to trace. For sure the owner in this case did not use real information, rather hacked identity belong to someone else.

Good day mining enthusiasts,

After a bit of a rough patch CoIntellect CEO has decided to retire from the current project, along with the COO Helder Rodrigues and Customer Support Team Manager Dayang Milic.

CoIntellect will now be fully owned by its Chinese division, the same division in charge of the mining setup and sector of the company.

We thank all our users and ask you all to just hang on a bit longer as we finish developing our new miner in order to resume mining under the x11 algorythm.


As of now, users who requested refunds will have their accounts suspended, therefore all balances will be held and not available for payout.

To avoid any suspensions, we advise our users to close any disputes made on credit card payments.

Further updates will follow once we
finalize the process of ownership and equity transfer.

Best Regards,
CoIntellect Staff

Published at Apr 28, 2015 2:51:29 AM

Ebay Seller beware of competitors hiring Ebay Buyer to buy and give negative feedback

I came across a post today on ebay forums in regard to Ebay Seller receiving negative feedback from buyer, but it turned out that the buyer was hired by another sellers (competitors) to ruin the reputation of another seller. The sad thing about this is that Ebay isn’t taking any action to prevent this from happening to the sellers. I understand it could be hard not easy, but Ebay need to figure this out as a company with many intelligent folks to work on logics to prevent this from happening. At this point, it’s still happening and will continue to go on until legitimate seller got tired and quit or seller will battle each other to ruin each other reputation.

Here’s a good example I found posted on ebay forums. The Ebay buyer name “michamicm7noh” off course it’s fake, you can obviously tell by the name, who would want to get such ebay name right? well scammer does. Also look at the ebay profile of this user “michamicm7noh” new user and also only have 2 positive review and if you clicked on Feedback left for other, you will see that this buyer gave strange feedback to sellers, both negative.

This ebay account “michamicm7noh” recently gave a negative feedback to one of the seller in regard to a iphone 5 6 headset, this is a very popular device being sold on ebay, although it’s probably from China cheap made, so it’s cheap made, and cheap sell, and chances are it will work, some may not, but the majority should. Basically it’s the same headset being sold in store as well, not just on ebay.  The seller appear to be listing its product as legitimate and as truthful as possible, such as unbranded/generic cheap china made, and so on. So people should understand what they’re buying. The seller for this item appears to have the cheapest price on ebay for the item. As a result, purchases were from this seller sold more than others, and so other competitors start to play dirty game.

The dirty game began. There are plenty of forums out there such as blackhat world, thebotnet and so on, will hire people with ebay account to perform a purchase and give negative feedback after the purchase to ruin the seller’s reputation. Believe me, there are a lot of ebay user would be willing to this by getting paid even $5 $10 $50 plus the cost of the products to give negative feedback to the seller, to ruin Ebay seller business, sad but true. On top of that, some ebay user are fake, meaning the account was created by stolen identity which being sold all over the internet, created many ebay account and start to perform this task to buy and give negative feedback to the sellers.

Hackers for hire, Scammer for hire, whatever you want to call it. For this particular case, the buyer probably never received the item, it was shipped to some person with their identity including their credit card got stolen and use to purchase this item, or real credit card purchase to give negative feedback and get reimbursement from a competitive sellers whom hired them to do this to hurt the other seller. The seller whom got the negative feedback can contact ebay to investigate but most likely ebay will not take action, because most of the time Ebay side with the buyer, sad but true that Ebay most of the time side with the buyer.

Bad ebayer website posted this information about this user as example fraud scam, you can find more detail on bad ebayer website:


Buyer: Michael Sterling
Buyer’s User ID: michamicm7noh
Michael Sterling
Mesa, AZ 85202
United States

This buyer does not have paypal account. So maybe that’s the thing, ensure you only accept paypal purchase paid, just help a little.

The seller in this case now have to live with the negative fake feedback, ebay isn’t taking action to fix. The seller also reported that all of a sudden more similar buyer started to buy stuff, seller doesn’t know what to do. Apparently seller selling same items being sold by many others, but at a much lower price, as result competitor will find ways to ruin the seller reputation by getting as much negative feedback as possible, the only way is create fake fraud ebay account or by hiring people ebay account to do this.

What’s the latest with SCAM?

I hope that today nobody are falling for this scam from The affiliates websites that advertise and promotes cointellect to get commission are as worst as cointellect themselves. Today many affiliate websites that advertise and promote cointellect has been deleted, disappeared, and no one know who they are or can’t a thing about it, here today, gone tomorrow. You loose your money due to those affiliates websites promoting cointellect investments speaking good things about cointellect to get you in and they profit a big 10-20% commission and you get a painful death. They don’t care who are, all they care is about getting you in to get money off of you then disappear the next day, and not a damn thing you can do about it. as of today, many people reported that the office of cointellect is emptied, no one there, they left, deserted, and not much information about them can be retrieved, except maybe contact the parent company whom finance cointellect, but I’m sure they have better lawyers because they’re rich. The only thing that you could do probably is file a complaint or petition with the FTC or government, get a lot of people to involve and let the authority handle it.

I even came across to some forums even talks about hiring a lawyer, but to be honest with you, it’s a waste of time and money. Lawyer cannot win this case easily, and I’m sorry to say those that got scammed are the one that make the mistake, a lesson learn for many. Authority not going to step in if the loss is not in the millions of dollars $, or life death, or drugs smuggling are involve. Lawyer will be just for show, they don’t guaranteed success, and in this case, just for time and money.

This is another hard learning lesson for many, investing in unknown program so call HYIP high yield investment program which is an obvious ponzi scam, here today gone tomorrow. The sad thing about this is that people kept on falling for the same trick over and over again. As the program near it ending, a new one already started and people again will fall into it again and again. Some succeed, many failed.

Once again, many months ago from day one, I’ve already stated cointellect is just like coingeneration ipuservice coinbeez and so on, but does anyone believe? probably not too many people, but even if they know it’s a scam they still want to check it out, sadly a hard learned lesson for many that invested thousands.

Paypal Scam email that your mail client didn’t block

Well! Yahoo mail and Gmail, at least these two popular email didn’t block this email or send it directly to Spam folder, somehow this one got through. Anyhow, if you see this email notice the wrong spelling, or sometime even right spelling could be a fraud.

From: “[email protected]” <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 2:10 PM
Subject: (Your case ID for this reason is PP-323-009-232-788.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

PayPal is constantly working to ensure security by regularly
screening the accounts in our system. We recently reviewed your
account, and we need more information to help us provide you with
secure service. We would like to return your account to regular
standing as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What is the problem?

March 24 : Before we can offer you certain products and services,
federal regulations require that we collect specific information
to verify your identity. We haven’t been able to verify your
identity using the information you provided, so we need some
additional documentation from you.

Until this issue is resolved, you’ll be able to log in to your
PayPal account but you might not be able to add money to it or
use some of your account features.

(Your case ID for this reason is PP-323-009-232-788.)

How can I return my account to regular standing?

It’s usually pretty easy to take care of things like this. Most
of the time, we just need a little more information about your
account or latest transactions.

To help us resolve this issue, please log in to your PayPal

We’ll review the information you provide and email you if we need
more details.

Once you complete all of the checklist items, your case will be
reviewed by one of our Account Specialists. We will send you an
email with the outcome of the review.