Ferguson Police shot by sniper?

2 police officers shot after police chief resigns

OK folks let not jumped into conclusion. It doesn’t help, but apparently two police officer were shot, one in the face, and one in the shoulder, both critical condition. The two police officers were not even from from Ferguson or Ferguson Police officers.

This just proof how some uneducated people could be; either so much hatred or just plain murderer saying they’re doing god’s work to take revenge and protects others.

Mistake had happened, and I don’t think that everyone is perfect. Let move on. Those email that tied to racist should never have surface, no body is perfect. At a work place, at home, in the white house, where-ever, there’s always joke. Unfortunately joke can get serious especially when scenarios such as this, in which the prosecute team will tried to uncover many things and including all emails.

As a result, the Police department has its wrong doing, which goes back to the chief and back to city mayor and eventually walk its way up the chain as more and more officials will need to resign.

Is it a win for the trouble maker? yes, is it a win for the people? NO.

Trouble maker don’t like police, some even call them as pigs.

For the people, they need better police force that supposed to do what they sworn to do. However mistake can happen and can be dealt with in court, fair and square. However if those email found indeed tied back to the department as being racist, it’s a different story and will be dealt as a separate case.

To me, the police office had been cleared for wrong doing, that’s done. However the department is not. The department wrong doing could bring back the Police officer for retrial to redetermine the case again.

As for the trouble maker, they use this advantage as a reason to hurt more police office and other authority, this include violent against police officer as we’ve already seen, there will be more violent such as these in that area and around the countries.

Tell Congress to Support Small Business Exports

Only one thing I can say about this “tell your Members of Congress that you support new trade policies that open up markets and enable small U.S. businesses to grow and create jobs”

I’ve done business online, mostly being a freelancer. However lately I’ve done business on ebay selling anything from electronics to virtual currency such as Bitcoin and Dogecoins. Once in a while I do have international customers, but through the Ebay international shipping process, the transaction was smooth because Ebay took care of everything from there on to the international customers.

To help out everyone doing business online, including ebay. There are many associated fees already, and if there are more fees, and more rules to follow, many small business will fail miserably, so please support this action. If you receive a message asking to take by contacting your congress people to “tell your Members of Congress that you support new trade policies that open up markets and enable small U.S. businesses to grow and create jobs”

Dear Main Street Member,

Small businesses using the Internet to sell globally aren’t reaching their full export potential because a majority of the world’s trade laws were developed in a “pre-Internet” era and current policies make it difficult for many U.S. small businesses to sell internationally. For years, eBay Inc. has pushed policymakers to eliminate these artificial barriers to e-commerce, but now we need YOUR help.

Congress will soon debate changes to our nation’s trade policies that will affect small U.S. businesses. Click here to tell your Members of Congress that you support new trade policies that open up markets and enable small U.S. businesses to grow and create jobs.

Your involvement makes a difference.


The eBay Inc. Government Relations Team

Will Bitcoin crashed again deeper with the news of Hong Kong bitcoin exchange disappeared?

By now, you must have heard about the Bitcoin related Exchange in Hong Kong disappeared with half million or so people’s money. Somehow it is related to Bitcoin, or is it Bitcoin Exchange. This is the risk people know about Bitcoin, the unregulated virtual currencies, some now believe it’s really a ponzi scheme scam. NOT! I think not, I don’t think Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme scam. If it is then everyone else on earth is a scam then 🙂

Bitcoin had been in the negative side for over a year now, up a little, big crashed, up a little, big crashed, and kept on doing this for over a year already. Who can save Bitcoin?

Myself and many other Bitcoin enthusiast I’m sure would agreed that Bitcoin will never died, as long as there is one miner or one transaction or one wallet still exist, it will never died, and in fact today it’s next to impossible to get rid of Bitcoin because there are so many wallets already downloaded and active … I’m not going into the detail because I’m not an expert, but I’m sure you know what I mean on how Bitcoin was made and exist.

So with this news on the disappearance of Hong Kong Bitcoin Exchange or so call Mycoin should have cause Bitcoin price to tumble, but surprisingly Bitcoin maintain its $220 mark. What will happen in the next of days or weeks we don’t know. For sure what we know Mycoin Hong Kong Bitcoin disappeared according to the news.

So is Hong Kong Bitcoin Exchange Mycoin similar to Coinbase, Bitstamp and others? Yes, I think so. So if this happened in Hong Kong, can the same thing happen to Coinbase? Yes off course why not? But at least in Americas there are court of law. Will it happen to Coinbase? Yes possibly but for sure there will be some sign of it will fall apart before it will fall apart. What were the indication if any that Hong Kong based Bitcoin Mycoin closing? we could learn from this.

The country King of Jordan avenging for their pilot burned alive, What Japan doing for their killed journalist?

After confirming their jet fighter pilot killed burned alive by the ISIS, Jordan took action avenging their pilot by massive Airstrike onto the ISIS regions. What does Japan do for their beheaded journalist? apparently nothing or at least not transparent. I hope Japan reaction would be as strong or some other ways without violent as Jordan.

Let’s take a look back at history the reaction of a country on certain event. Take 9/11 as first example, American did not have strong military involvement against the terrorist until the terrorist attacked Americans soil, that’s when Americas bomb the crap out of the terrorist include Sadam Hussein. What did Obama done lately? not too much success against the terrorist. I would have to give a lot of credits to Bush as president he sure indeed protect the lives of Americans and people around the world by harsh military actions, not Obama hasn’t too much to destroy the terrorist.

Japan better wake up! and support the  military action against the ISIS, athough Japan is still under the agreement not to have build up military power, instead uses its military power for defense only. However Japan have technology which it can help NATO and others to defeat ISIS, so do it Japan.


How will the Japanese react to the ISIS beheaded two Japanese journalist?

I thought I saw an article from CNN website in regards to the Japanese reactions to ISIS beheaded two of their journalist. The Japanese people reaction to this act from ISIS was “Japanese will never forgive ISIS” those are strong words.

Apparently that guy whom had beheaded many people already claimed that he is ISIS, and confirmed. I’m just surprised that person is not being captured yet and brought to justice if he’s alive.

With all the technology we have to day, in addition to the spy planes drones satellite and so on, we still don’t know where this person is. The video was posted on the internet, probably social media website, but by who, can we track them down one step at a time? bring all those that have something to do with the beheaded of many people already.

The Japanese have superior technology, can’t the Japanese do anything to track down these ISIS terrorist? Using technology, or at least provide the technology to the US or whoever that are fighting the ISIS terrorist today?

My personal opinion on this is that, the Japanese now have a reason to participate in the fight against the terrorist, and this incident might be good as now the fight against ISIS terrorist have more participant, and this new participant have superior technologies which might be able to assist in the fight.

Is USA economy in good shape?

Based on President Obama State of the Union speech last night. It appears that US is in better shapes than the year before and before that.

Gas price are down. If you didn’t notice the gas price are very low, well lowest in a couple years perhaps. The unemployment rate is also down. Hopefully it continue to stay this way.

The terrorist, ISIS and Al-Qaeda are still terrorizing the world especially the United States and Europe, perhaps because they’re jealous due to the wealth and well organized living environment, I can’t think of any other reason. Just my own opinion. Some might say the terrorist are the fuel to booming economy at the same impact it, depend on how well we manage.

I can’t this without saying stuff about Bitcoin. Bitcoin indeed the worst currency to invest in 2014 and maybe this year 2015 also. However Bitcoin is here to stay, it’s not going anywhere. The price indeed is very volatile. Investors get nervous and scare will not hold their investment for long. As we’ve already seen the trend, up a little and big down like 2 to 10 times lower than what it gained, that’s where we’re at today. Will there be another big trend down? I think so, because my guess is that it will go to $25-$50 but impossible to be lower, too low will have people buying and will make it go up higher and higher and maybe skyrocket due to panic buy. However if Bitcoin stay at $200 or so, then most likely it’s a sitting duck, will sit for a long long time.

It’s hard sometime for not knowing too many English vocabulary words

Again, English is not my native language, I am proficient in another language. More often than not, I find myself struggling to find out what word was just said. Especially when working with someone whom is a native English speakers and on top of that major in English communications and so on. These types of people set themselves up so high that either they expect a person like to understand or trying to make me feel shame for not knowing English well to comprehend what they’re trying to say. Sometime I feel sad, but I just walk away, but I will keep it in mind and will improve.

English communication is important, but you don’t have to use words that don’t often being use in day to day communication. To me, when someone use vocabulary words that I don’t often intercept, sometime I don’t bother to ask what that word is, but tried to put the sentence together to see if I get it. If I still don’t I would observe the facial expression or the tone of the person and determine if he/she trying to smart ass me or just plain smart. If the person tone tied to being smart ass, then I just walk away, I don’t like to deal with those kind of people, even for work, I wouldn’t tolerate that. However if the person is intelligent with no sign negative tone then I would try to work with that person, hope that he/she doesn’t get irritated, even if so but continue to explain then I think I’m fine.

I used to work for a company, and I do data analytic. This position of data analytic, to me would be a position that pull a lot of data together and provide what requested for others to use. Others speaks on behalf of the data, I explain how I pull it, very simple. However the boss that work for, had been with the company over 15 years maybe need to move on our of the company, this boss I don’t think on the same page with me, although I tried to be but not meeting me half way. This is the time where I kind of lay back, just perform my task, I’m not going to share anything additional including my life, just strictly work related, I think it’s better this way. I also noticed a few others whom on the same team have the same feeling as I do about this boss, which is good, I’m not alone 🙂

Anyhow to summarize. English is not my native language and you’ve already knew. Cut me some slack, give me a chance trying to comprehend before getting irritate, upset and put me down. If you’re get irritated, upset or put me down, it doesn’t help; the result could end nobody having a good day, why do that?. So be nice, treat someone the way that you want to be treated, although I’m not English native speaker, but I know “treat someone the way you want to be treated”.

Hackers declares war against terrorist

Ok I’m a little bit confused about this “Anonymous Hackers declares war against the terrorist” I thought somewhat the hackers Anonymous group are like terrorist? I haven’t heard much from Anonymous group for a while.

Ironically I kind of applaud for the Anonymous group to step up and say what they did several hours ago. Anonymous hackers group declares war against Islamic state terrorist, seeking revenge for French media “Charlie Hebdo ”

The revenge will include but not limit to shutting down all terrorist related website Islamic state. The shut down will involve hacking off course, ddos, and so on.

Those killers that shoot and killed many people at “Charlie Hebdo” saying they take revenge for Islamic state, but guess what? few people got killed were truly Islam Muslim religious people also.


Yet another passenger airplane vanished with 162 people onboard

At the same region where Malaysia flight 370 disappeared many months ago and still as of today cannot locate the wreckage of that plane, although the conspiracy theory had died down and most likely it’s on the bottom of the sea somewhere.

Air Asia crashed into the sea December 2015 Indonesia Malaysia region Singapore

Air Asia crashed into the sea December 2015 Indonesia Malaysia region Singapore

This time also from Asia, Southern Asia again to be exact, Indonesian. AirAsia disappeared from radar and a couple hours later confirmed it’s probably at the bottom of the sea somewhere, meaning it crashed with 162 people on-board, mostly Indonesian, Malaysia but also foreigner not from the region. Safe to say none could survive this crash. The crash probably caused by bad weather. The pilot last communication was requestd to climb higher altitude and then just disappeared from radar.

So the question raised. Is flying still safe anymore? the answer is yes, but the fatality probably causing statistic look bad now than ever. Even with all the technology we have to today, trying to make everything safe, but mistake still happens, but it shouldn’t happen too often as we’ve seen here, same region and especially this is weather related which could have been avoided since weather is somewhat predictable. So in the future to make flying more safer, should all passengers air avoid flying at all? for sure if the black box is to be located we should be able to determine what happened and for sure there will be stricter rule enforced for all passengers air.

My personal opinion is air travel I think is still safe, but if you want to be safer then don’t book your flight ahead of time, but watch the weather first, then just go the airport and be a stand by and keep on watching the weather, if the weather is bad for the flight path you’ll be traveling and then ask to cancel the ticket or book you with another flight. Now this will only avoid bad weather, what about terrorist attack and airplane engine failure, or plane hitting birds or collide with some objects, including another plane.

Finally I would like to express my condolences for all the passengers and their family for the loss, great sadness, but as many know, after a major hurricane came, the sun will come up, that’s always the case. The day we looses the sun, earth will be no more., but that won’t happen anytime soon.

Is the end of Bitcoin BTC price expected to drop to $150 or lower in a few weeks

If anyone happens to be in IRC chat room, yes IRC still existing using mIRC or web-base. Join channel like #bitcoin, #bitcoin-pricetalk and so on, you will see some discussion from the expert and the end users and others comments on Bitcoin related topics.

What I’ve been observing in the chat room is that the price of Bitcoin will continue to fall to $150 or lower in a few weeks or so. While the news in regard to Bitcoin BTC activities isn’t much, not much further development on BTC ATM machine, not much development on BTC being accepted, not much going with BTC that would lead to mainstream Bitcoin. So what causes the price of BTC Bitcoin to go down? aside from selling and buying that is. Selling would cause Bitcoin to go down, buying would makes it go up. So we know that! then what causing people to sells their Bitcoin? there isn’t any activities in the Bitcoin world that would cause people to sell?

AH huh! yes there are. A few, and I have to say, more of a speculation rather.

  1. The person whom won that auction of 30,000BTC from the Fed Gov., what did he ever do with the Bitcoin? People can say one thing and does something else, so did he started selling hi Bitcoin slowly and causing the price to drop? again BTC transactions are anonymous.
  2. MtGox, what really happen to those Bitcoin that were loss? did it really get hacked? if yes then what did the hackers did or do with the Bitcoin, they could have sell it little by little at a time causing the price of Bitcoin to go down.
  3. Last but not least, are the giant investors start dumping Bitcoin due to not much development and realized it’s not going mainstream anytime soon to profit so they takes their money and invest on something else better?

As more and more people realize the existent of Bitcoin, they start getting confuses before they can really understand how it work, so maybe at this stage is a learning process. Bitcoin is about 5 years old I believe, since 2008 maybe, and was at pennies per coins, risen up to over $1000 in just few years, then dropped to $500 for a while, then now at $300. The prediction is that it will fall to $150 sooner than expected and that’s where it will really stabilized.

My prediction? well yes, same, it will be at 100s and flat lined there for a very long time. However it could be at $10000 again or at 1 penny, no one know, no one can really predict accurately.


Bitcoin crashed September 19th 2014 by Alibaba? target Bitcoin price $125 in a few weeks

Bitcoin crashed September 19th 2014 by Alibaba? target Bitcoin price $125 in a few weeks