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I bought my first batch of g-blade last week or so ago, it is still working great. I took advantage of the acceptance of credit card and bought those g-blade gridseed miners, although it doesn’t come with the power cable, but I managed to modified my existing PSU to get it working the same day without spending any extras. initial support email ticket took about 24 hours for them to response. However a couple days ago, after getting a message saying that they still have the sp10 dawsonn in stock but only qty of one, so I have to be fast to order it. However I wasn’t fast enough some one bought it so Minersource had to cancel my order. Dan responded to my support ticket and apologized and recommended me to get another miner 1TH/s dragon and gave me $150 discount off the retail posted price online. I took advantage of that and ordered 2, total of $300 discount off the original price listed on the website. So basically I got on order $3400 or so for 2TH/s Bitcoin miner, which I think is a good deal, although people said the Dragon miner sucks, the PSU sucks, and the 28nm was stolen or obtained illegally in China, yeah like that going to deter Bitcoin miners not from buying Dragon miner. The whole concept of Bitcoin not illegal?

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing with credit card on Minersource is that you can only use one credit card per day it seems like it. So let say if you buy an item today with credit card #1, and later on the same day you tried to buy again with same credit card, it will not go through, and it is not Minersource issue, but rather shoplify something, which is minersource merchant account for accepting payment issue. However you can use different credit card to buy it same day, then wait another day to use the same credit card again. I don’t know if this is the fact for security. Nor if it is fixed today. Look like there was a message from Minersource saying that their credit card payment are now working properly.

Conclusion, I think have good prices, great support, best of all now they accept credit card. I trust Minersource because I’ve dealt with them before and I’m now tracking my 2TH/s dragon miner will be delivered on Tuesday next week 6/17 according to UPS.

Gridseed g-blade working stable at 5.2mh/s from

Here’s another update after 2 days of continuous mining scrypt with my new g-blade gridseed from Still working stable at mining speed of 5200kh/s as advertise. Although I’ve seen and people reported that they can mine it at up to 6000kh/s I don’t know exactly how but I’m sure it has to do with changing the parameter in cgminer, bfminer or other mining software.

Off course, then there is this voltmoding so call, I believe they simply changing the resistance of one of the resistor on the blade, I find it not that easy because the resistor is so small and if we don’t have the proper size soldering tips, it could damage the components around it. However if you’re good with electrical soldering, then it should be ok, but try to get the variable resistor so that you adjust the resistance. Remember that it’s dangerous and void your warranty with the manufacturer, in this case I believe gridseed.

In conclusion for I give it a 4-5 stars did what they say to do, honest, and ok support responded within 24 hours not immediately though. So kudos to However I’m still currently trying to sort out my SP110 Dawson order, I placed this order via wire transfer but I didn’t initiate the transfer because the next day minersource announced that they are accepting credit card, so I emailed support to see if I can switch to paying by credit card, but it appears that are running of stock on the sp10 dawson. Also I don’t know how those points work for minersource, I thought it was for discount on future purchase. delivered g-blade and how I got it set up to mine ASAP!

My experience with was positive, and I’m aiming to continue doing business with them.

AS previously blogged, I placed an order for 5 g-blad gridseed miner, and got a called from Minersource to validate credit card information, and I asked for ETA and they said by next week. Well yesterday was the beginning of next week and I got it. Furthermore I was notified that my order was shipped and also the tracking # was given where I can track, in this case was USPS. Delivered flawlessly in new condition.

So I got the 5 G-Blade yesterday Monday 6/9, was busy working, didn’t get a chance to set it up the same day, however I did test one unit and indeed was brand new, can smell it, carefully cushioned package, no sign of it being pre-mined, if they did mined some coins already, they did a good job of repackaging it. The first unit I test with, I have no power adapter or anything like that, luckily that same day I got a package of 2.1mm barrel plug was delivered and I was a little skeptic because the 2.1mm for security camera power, and the G-Blade mentioned in some forum saying it uses 2.5mm plug. Well guess what? the 2.1mm fits as good. I immediately prepare a 1000 watts computer power supply which I have onhand from the GPU mining days haven’t got rid of all of it yet. I manually connected the power, using several tools, an ohm meter to measure voltage and polarity ensue negative and positive are correctly connected and power delivered was in the 12+ Volt range. Secured the bare wire poke it into the female PCI-e power cable and hook it up to the G-blade with the fan, and voila! the fan turned on.

Next I need a few USB mini cable, standard one I can find, luckily I have a few lying around the house and hook it up to the computer.It detected! yay! but sadly incorrect driver, and I tried various driver as blogged by other blogger on how they setup the usb for the g-blade. In the end, the one USB driver that work for me is the¬†zadig_2.1.0 driver, this one is awesome! so highly recommend to save you time. Reboot the computer after installing the USB driver. Downloaded the CGminer and start mining but boooo!!! device not detected. No worries, since I know the computer detecting the g-blade gridseed but the cgminer doesn’t, so all I did was unplug just the USB cables from all the g-blade, while cgminer running with no device found, simply plug back in the usb cables one by one and wait for it to detect and voila! I’m up and mining. 5.2mh/s exactly for each box.

So far the G-Blade runs very cool, I constantly checked the temperature all over the hardware with laser temperature check. So far it’s cool and I was able to power all fice g-blade with a single 850Watts power supply. Total of 26mh/s using about 600-700 watts look like it. Windows 7 64 bits. I’m not expecting to get my ROI back in 3 months, look like it will take 6 months, but after that should be all cash, and also if Bitcoin goes up, my portfolio will look good as well. Electricity cost cut 90% I’m sure. shipping status of my order G-Blade?

Just got an email earlier today from saying that my order has been shipped. Quick check on USPS Website did indicated that USPS picked it up and in-transit to destination.************* I went ahead and set an alert for it, both email and text alert, so that any update from usps on this tracking # I would get a message.

So far so good with Wow! I have to say, I thought they wouldn’t ship it until next week, but this is good, Friday shipped 6/6 USPS Priority, most likely I will get it in 2-3 business days, but also a good chance I will get it Monday. Hope it didn’t get lost or anything like that. Stay tuned for next updated.

Also by the way, the G-Blade from does not include power supply power or usb cable, but I went ahead and placed an order for it on ebay already, but most are from China, so it could take time. However I went ahead and did some research that I could modify the computer power supply (PSU) and wire it to the g-blade hardware, doesn’t look to be difficult. Will see.


Dear ,

Thank you for your order from! We wanted to let you know that your order (#34**) was shipped via USPS, on 6/6/2014. You can track your package at any time using the link below.

Shipped To:

Track Your Shipment: 9410811699000423992131

This shipment includes the following items:

Item # Description Qty
Gridseed “G-Blade” ASIC Miner 5.2M – 6MH/sec *Available Now!* – No Co-Location [Shipped] / 5.2 Mh/sec 5

Thank you for your business and we look forward to serving you in the future!
Email: [email protected]

Positive feedback from people in regard to

Let’s hope the positive continue. I’ve read and chat with folks whom dealt with before. All are positive so far. I’m still waiting for my G-Blad drop ship, they said I should have it on hand by next week. I ordered 5 by the way. Could have gotten the SP10 Dawson, oh well. Since the Bitcoin difficulty network appears to drop according to one calculation website, and it’s not coinwarz.vom

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My experience with starts now!

Come back and visit this category often if you want to learn more about my detail experience with

Previous blog I mentioned that I turned off all my old mining equipment, which included a few BFL, and 36 GPUs total, and off course the CPU and motherboard. I will be selling all these items on ebay in the next coming weeks with a plan. Sel refurbish 3-4 items a day, and post on ebay.

So my journey starts now! I’ve heard of for a long time already, and been on its websites many many times, and even pre-purchased some item but I never really follow through because of skeptical of Bitcoin price value and mining profitability, on top of that will delivery, not like BFL Butterfly Lab over 6 months preorder but nothing shipped.

I placed an order for a quantity of 5 G-Blade scrypt miners, total of at least 26MH/s scrypt mining which is equivalent to what I have not with GPU, but the GPU just use way too much power doesn’t seem to be any profit to be make even with Bitcoin price rising, I would have to hold on to it for years or when it hit over $1k. Anyhow, I got an email today from saying that they started accepting credit card, so I say wow, alright I feel more comfortable paying by credit card than Bitcoin or Wire Transfer, at least with credit card I can report fraud or bad business.

I purchased the G-Blade, quantity of 5. As shown on this picture below. You will see the price if $699, and it said Available Now, but in the detail description you will see they say it’s a drop ship from another source, and they mentioned China. g-blade customer experience g-blade customer experience

Gridseed _G-Blade_ ASIC Miner 5

In addition I also print screen and save as PDF file on this item for future reference.

So I added the the item into the shopping cart, quantity of 5, checked out, it took me to which is the payment processors. Went through the process of entering my credit card total amount of¬†$3,544.80 submitted but got kicked out! and immediately I received an email from my Credit Card Chase saying “Action required: Please confirm activity” so I confirmed it wasn’t fraud, and retried the check out process, it came through.¬† order confirmation on g-blade order confirmation on g-blade

About 15 minutes later I received a call from, forgot her name, she just want to¬†confirm my order, asking me a few question to validate my information. One thing is bother me is that, she said “you know this is order we don’t have this item in stock, it will get drop shipped else” then I ask them, how long would it take, I heard some talking in the background, she paused for a few seconds, and then answered “you will get it by next week” then I said that’s fine, no problem. So I’m hoping to get it by next week.

Well folks, I will keep you updated as I receives news update from as I will be sharing detail experience with At the moment I will set a reminder by Friday the 13th 2014 next week, will see how it goes, hopefully is not like some other distributors or manufacturers where pre-order just to take our money and invest in something else for 6 months, or equipment never shipped, or horrible delay, making excuses, and in the end refund takes a long time. Well I think I’m in good hand with Chase credit card company, they will trace down fraud activities. Early to say, to come up with any negatives, will see how it goes. IRC chat room had mostly positive feedback in regard to