Earnhoney account flagged redemption cancelled

If you tried out Earnhoney.com you may noticed that the $1 redemption goes thru, but after that is a different story.

Earnhoney is similar to other websites with surveys and videos and games and other stuff you can do to earn points and convert those points into amazon gift card and paypal.

However lately, a lot of people are complaining about Earnhoney.com not paying, account flagged, suspended, deleted, points removed, rewards denied and so on. This is even for legitimate user where they would watch videos, play games, and participate on surveys and so on, but most of the users will get their redemption points cancelled, will never get their gift card or rewards lately. Most if not all accounts flagged and ask to contact security.

Members did contacted earnhoney.com for assistant, someĀ get reinstated but their account points cancelled and who knows if earnhoney.com will do it again. It appears lately Earnhoney.com has been doing massive ban to whatever logic methods they’re using to flag. A lot of legitimate users are being flagged as well when they didn’t violate any rule. Just a big waste of time contacting support and not going anywhere, no positive result.

Some of the forums indicate, earnhoney.com is a scam, short live. Don’t ever send Earnhoney your ID government issue ID including driver license and so on, they can use it as fraud.

earnhoney.com is a scam

earnhoney.com is a scam