Is net cast fishing permit or allow in the New Jersey and Delaware bay shore?

I’ve been researching to see if it’s legal or permitted to do net cast fishing in the New Jersey Delaware Bay, especially in the Northeast Cape May area Villas.

We will be in the North of Cape May Delaware. We rented a vacation home there, will spend long week end there. Oh yeah!, so now hackers know I’m away from home, preparing to hack me again for some reason whatever that may be, maybe because my web server is week and so script kiddie took advantage to turn my web server into a hacking machine hacking, using my ID to hack the web.

OK so, let’s get back to the main topic for this blog entry. Is net cast fishing permitted? I’ve not seen any information on the web that would indicate permitted or not, so I guess I can net cast fishing until someone told me so, and I will stop and hopefully I will not get fined big if were to get caught. Or perhaps net cast is permitted and doesn’t care about it since not much fish there or difficult to catch fish with net cast, or net cast will destroy your net because of the bottom has sharp objects or something similar to that matter.

When I was in Canada, I read about net cast fishing on both the Canadian border and US water, it is permitted but to catch certain fish such as bait fish and some other fish that are abundant, so I’m guessing same rule applied here. To me, the bottom line is, I go fishing with a permit and to catch fish, as long as I know my quota and the size of the fish I can catch then I think it’s within the compliance area. As long that I’m not fishing or catching fish in a way to destroy the fish population or commercial fishing. Will see.

$10 ebay gift card for getting insurance quote

If you see an adv. pops up while on ebay website for a $10 ebay gift card, go for it, because I did and I got a $10 coupon or redemption code good for $10 on ebay to buy anything.

All you have to do is click on the link to get insurance quote. Fill it out, and notice there are a lot of personal information they want, but it’s optional, do not fill out anything is optional such as your social security # and such, you could, they can be trusted (liberty mutual) but just to be safe, don’t volunteer any optional information is best.

Once you got your quote, you can stop there, don’t buy it or submit or anything like that unless you want to get the insurance because it’s a good deal, better than what you’re paying currently.

Within hours you should get your code from liberty mutual insurance. Use it right away is my recommendation šŸ™‚


English grammar problem will not get you approved on Postloop

So I heard about Postloop on forum and someone there made a good amount of money, up to $5/hour, but averaget $5 a day depend on how much time you spent on posting at various forums for Postloop.

I gave it a tried, knowing that I have grammar problem due to English is my second language so I use Micrsoft Words grammar check to help me out, ensure I don’t have any underline flag with grammar. So I followed the direction on Postloop to get started and started posting.

Opened up Postloop Portal as a starting point to post and to get approval rating. So I started a thread and use Microsoft word Grammar and Spelling correction, corrected, and proof read one time, then copy paste it to Postloop Portal, guess what? I got 1 point rating, and 1.6 rating, then once I get 10 posts, I received an email saying I post enough posts to get reviews by Administrator or Moderator. This morning I woke up and got an email saying my account posts submission all got low rating and rejected. The detail reason as follow:


Unfortunately the posts that you made at The Postloop Portal did not meet the level of quality that is required of Postloop. Postloop strives to only deliver quality posts to its users. The reason that your posts were rejected is as follows:

Your grammar is too poor for Postloop. We need posters with excellent English grammar. Your account has been closed, as you unfortunately do not have what we are looking for. You will not be able to apply for reviewal again, and you may NOT create another Postloop account.

Best Regards,
The Postloop Team

Well I tried to go back and share my contents but look like all got wiped out deleted. So, can’t post it here.

Anyhow, I’m not bitter about it, since I know I have English grammar problem, but hey, this will not stop me from blogging on my own website here :).

What’s going on at Cointellect what are the staff doing?

First of all. The last message Cointellect posted on its official website was back in January 27, 2014. After that nothing was posted. The payout had been halted for few weeks now. Although some new members are reporting that they got paid a few times at the beginning.

Cointellect could have make this work by being transparent. What are Cointellect really doing, no one really knows. However I believe Cointellect started with the vision and prediction that Bitcoin will go up and or cannot go lower than $350 at the time. Unfortunately Bitcoin crashed down to $200 below $200 at one point, but regained back to $200 and been hovering barely between $200 to $230. Even with all the good news, no way Bitcoin will go up in the next couple years to even $500, however there had been community prediction that Bitcoin will go up to $1000 in 3 years, I’m optimistic.

Now if cointellect being transparent about where the money was invested to give back to the members then today there wouldn’t be so much bad negative reviews impact, and in no way in hell cointellect ever regain it’s reputation. No way! it is broken beyond repairable. Think of you car got, new, nice smooth ride daily commute broad you happiness an joy driving, then one day your car got wrecked beyond repairable, meaning it’s crushed – engine cracked in half ignite in fire, luckily you didn’t get killed. Now thing about that, can you repair that car like new again and expect same value if you are to sell it? I don’t think so. Same concept can be applied for happened to Cointellect. Cointellect is broken beyond repairable. Even if Cointellect is legit, but it’s so bad now not possible regain trust, as more and more un-professionalism being exposed.

If Cointellect members knowing at the beginning that Cointellect are investing in development of future technology for Bitcoin, or invest in low price Bitcoin and sell high, then at least the members knew and if Bitcoin crashed members invested in Cointellect can understand the situation. It’s all about transparencies but Cointellect isn’t talking telling what they’re doing with the money members giving to Cointellect.

Now for the Cointellect Mining Pool, no doubt that there was manipulation to the software such as lowering the difficulty level so the hash rate could earn a lot more than other normal mining pool. Cointellect mining pool is just a gimmick to get members in and see the earning, it’s like a trick, so members have the confident to buy contract assuming the profit is same with Mining Contract as mining pool, I mean 100 times higher profit or earning than any other pools, something wrong there.

Now just lately, a lot of members received respond from Cointellect, giving a refund. Well folks, for Credit card purchases, Cointellect will loose the dispute anyways so yeah they have to make it look legit so hope some members don’t dispute.

I can tell you this, based on my experiences with many previous large scale of ponzi scheme scam, such as Coingeneration, IPUservices, and a bunch of other HYIPs, the ending is the same. Some larger scale of ponzi scheme will tried to keep operation running as long as possible, this is to filter out dispute and at the same time giving old members some hope and new members to join getting paid consistently to get some more money in. It might work, and might not. Some users will fall for it, some may not.

The bottom line is, sadly it’s the users or members fault for loosing the money. Those that purchased Mining Contract via credit card, chances are you will get your money back. Those that paid via Bitcoin, don’t expect anything back. Forget about the gimmick of SwissCard debit card recharge payout, just another way of keeping hope up, Cointellect just killing time with those SwissCard whatever you call it, the process would takes weeks and months and in the end those cards get sent out, but Cointellect disappear from the internet. Cointellect is broken beyond repairable, all negative reviews and comments on the internet, it is not possible for Cointellect to regain confident and its reputation, no way!.

cointellec is broken beyong repairable

cointellec is broken beyong repairable

How will the Japanese react to the ISIS beheaded two Japanese journalist?

I thought I saw an article from CNN website in regards to the Japanese reactions to ISIS beheaded two of their journalist. The Japanese people reaction to this act from ISIS was “Japanese will never forgive ISIS” those are strong words.

Apparently that guy whom had beheaded many people already claimed that he is ISIS, and confirmed. I’m just surprised that person is not being captured yet and brought to justice if he’s alive.

With all the technology we have to day, in addition to the spy planes drones satellite and so on, we still don’t know where this person is. The video was posted on the internet, probably social media website, but by who, can we track them down one step at a time? bring all those that have something to do with the beheaded of many people already.

The Japanese have superior technology, can’t the Japanese do anything to track down these ISIS terrorist? Using technology, or at least provide the technology to the US or whoever that are fighting the ISIS terrorist today?

My personal opinion on this is that, the Japanese now have a reason to participate in the fight against the terrorist, and this incident might be good as now the fight against ISIS terrorist have more participant, and this new participant have superior technologies which might be able to assist in the fight.

Is USA economy in good shape?

Based on President Obama State of the Union speech last night. It appears that US is in better shapes than the year before and before that.

Gas price are down. If you didn’t notice the gas price are very low, well lowest in a couple years perhaps. The unemployment rate is also down. Hopefully it continue to stay this way.

The terrorist, ISIS andĀ Al-Qaeda are still terrorizing the world especially the United States and Europe, perhaps because they’re jealous due to the wealth and well organized living environment, I can’t think of any other reason. Just my own opinion. Some might say the terrorist are the fuel to booming economy at the same impact it, depend on how well we manage.

I can’t this without saying stuff about Bitcoin. Bitcoin indeed the worst currency to invest in 2014 and maybe this year 2015 also. However Bitcoin is here to stay, it’s not going anywhere. The price indeed is very volatile. Investors get nervous and scare will not hold their investment for long. As we’ve already seen the trend, up a little and big down like 2 to 10 times lower than what it gained, that’s where we’re at today. Will there be another big trend down? I think so, because my guess is that it will go to $25-$50 but impossible to be lower, too low will have people buying and will make it go up higher and higher and maybe skyrocket due to panic buy. However if Bitcoin stay at $200 or so, then most likely it’s a sitting duck, will sit for a long long time.

It’s hard sometime for not knowing too many English vocabulary words

Again, English is not my native language, I am proficient in another language. More often than not, I find myself struggling to find out what word was just said. Especially when working with someone whom is a native English speakers and on top of that major in English communications and so on. These types of people set themselves up so high that either they expect a person like to understand or trying to make me feel shame for not knowing English well to comprehend what they’re trying to say. Sometime I feelĀ sad, but I just walk away, but I will keep it in mind and will improve.

English communication is important, but you don’t have to use words that don’t often being use in day to day communication. To me, when someone use vocabulary words that I don’t often intercept, sometime I don’t bother to ask what that word is, but tried to put the sentence together to see if I get it. If I still don’t I would observe the facial expression or the tone of the person and determine if he/she trying to smart ass me or just plain smart. If the person tone tied to being smart ass, then I just walk away, I don’t like to deal with those kind of people, even for work, I wouldn’t tolerate that. However if the person is intelligent with no sign negative toneĀ then I would try to work with that person, hope that he/she doesn’t get irritated, even if so but continue to explain then I think I’m fine.

I used to work for a company, and I do data analytic. This position of data analytic, to me would be a position that pull a lot of data together and provide what requested for others to use. Others speaks on behalf of the data, I explain how I pull it, very simple. However the boss that work for, had been with the company over 15 years maybe need to move on our of the company, this boss I don’t think on the same page with me, although I tried to be but not meeting me half way. This is the time where I kind of lay back, just perform my task, I’m not going to share anything additional including my life, just strictly work related, I think it’s better this way. I also noticed a few others whom on the same team have the same feeling as I do about this boss, which is good, I’m not alone šŸ™‚

Anyhow to summarize. English is not my native language and you’ve already knew. Cut me some slack, give me a chance trying to comprehend before getting irritate, upset and put me down. If you’re get irritated, upset or put me down, it doesn’t help; the result could end nobody having a good day, why do that?. So be nice, treat someone the way that you want to be treated, although I’m not English native speaker, but I know “treat someone the way you want to be treated”.

Hackers declares war against terrorist

Ok I’m a little bit confused about this “Anonymous Hackers declares war against the terrorist” I thought somewhat the hackers Anonymous group are like terrorist? I haven’t heard much from Anonymous group for a while.

Ironically I kind of applaud for the Anonymous group to step up and say what they did several hours ago. Anonymous hackers group declares war against Islamic state terrorist, seeking revenge for French mediaĀ “Charlie Hebdo ”

The revenge will include but not limit to shutting down all terrorist related website Islamic state. The shut down will involve hacking off course, ddos, and so on.

Those killers that shoot and killed many people at “Charlie Hebdo” saying they take revenge for Islamic state, but guess what? few people got killed were truly Islam Muslim religious people also.

Happy New Year folks! may the year 2015 be your best year yet!

I don’t know if anyone is reading my blog.Ā English is not my native language. However my writings are original, I don’t copy and paste, I don’tĀ plagiarism, I don’t lied, I don’t make up stories or being a bias.

My writing are based on what I read from another blog, based on my observation, understanding and knowledge. I don’t think I’m perfect, but I know one thing about me, I’m not here to make up stories and spread rumors, at least I’m not trying to do that although I might have due to the tone of my blog.

Ever since I started this blog, I don’t expect anyone to visit, I don’t expect google to crawl my blog and making a name for myself which I don’t think it will ever happen šŸ™‚ and I don’t hope or wish for it. I have no overhead expense running this blog, this blog is simply to help me learn more English, making up those days months years that I failed grammar and English class in high school. Again, English is not my native language, I am fluent in another language.

Anyhow, if anyone is ready, I would like to thank you, and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2015, wish you nothing! Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā but the best.

Dogecoin a joke? NO it’s real and more reason why we should support Doge

Well the above video showing a dog saved a couple’s life when it senses trouble coming or in this case a car that loss control and slammed onto the sidewalk and kept on going back toward a couple walking with the dog. In this case the dog apparently notice strange activities and look back and signal the the couple to look turned back and saw the car coming.

If you pay attention and give it some thought on the video. What if the dog wasn’t there? will the couple notice? and how quick can the couple get out of the way?

Well it’s almost 2015. Dogecoin crypto currencies like many others are not doing so well, but it’s hanging in there. Hope dogecoin will succeed better than bitcoin. Dog is men’s best friend, women best friend, everyone best friend is dog. Maybe certain types of dog, not all, depend on how the dog was trained. Just like human, how we all got raised up. Although there will be anomalies where even if we got trained by the best, some of us may not be the best, there are room for error and it’s marginal.