Fatwallet cash back really work and it’s cash not rewards points

Just want to give a shout out to fatwallet cash back. I’ve been earning cash back via paypal and check. Not points for rewards. Yes, there are a lot of cash back program out there, but many are just points toward your rewards, some rewards aren’t really cash. Fatwallet is a little bit different, you actually get cash, a check mailed or directly to your paypal account.

You can also take advantage of double rewards. Here’s the idea and actually it work for me. What I did was use my Chase credit card to make a purchase on Fatwallet for certain items from online store retailers that offers cash back. In this case, I get the 5% cash back from Chase bank credit card, and another 2-5% cash back from fatwallet, so as you can see, you double it sort of 🙂

One thing I noticed is with Fatwallet, the cashback don’t appear instantly, and when it shows up, there is a another several to 3 months waiting period before you can really cash it out to paypal. Versus your bank like Chase, probably instantly, but you may get deducted for purchase that got cancelled or fraud or whatever reason purchase didn’t go through, you will loose your points, which is fair right? Yep.

taking advantage of fatwallet and your bank credit card cash back double the rewards

taking advantage of fatwallet and your bank credit card cash back double the rewards

Tell Congress to Support Small Business Exports

Only one thing I can say about this “tell your Members of Congress that you support new trade policies that open up markets and enable small U.S. businesses to grow and create jobs”

I’ve done business online, mostly being a freelancer. However lately I’ve done business on ebay selling anything from electronics to virtual currency such as Bitcoin and Dogecoins. Once in a while I do have international customers, but through the Ebay international shipping process, the transaction was smooth because Ebay took care of everything from there on to the international customers.

To help out everyone doing business online, including ebay. There are many associated fees already, and if there are more fees, and more rules to follow, many small business will fail miserably, so please support this action. If you receive a message asking to take by contacting your congress people to “tell your Members of Congress that you support new trade policies that open up markets and enable small U.S. businesses to grow and create jobs”

Dear Main Street Member,

Small businesses using the Internet to sell globally aren’t reaching their full export potential because a majority of the world’s trade laws were developed in a “pre-Internet” era and current policies make it difficult for many U.S. small businesses to sell internationally. For years, eBay Inc. has pushed policymakers to eliminate these artificial barriers to e-commerce, but now we need YOUR help.

Congress will soon debate changes to our nation’s trade policies that will affect small U.S. businesses. Click here to tell your Members of Congress that you support new trade policies that open up markets and enable small U.S. businesses to grow and create jobs.

Your involvement makes a difference.


The eBay Inc. Government Relations Team

The richest people in America how did they became rich really?

When speaking of rich people in America, USA richest person is Bill Gates, but do you know how became so rich? At first I think everyone say because he’s the owner of Microsoft, well that’s that true but not all the money he has came from Microsoft.

Based on one CNN money article below, written about the top 8 richest persons in the USA. Mostly indicated that they diversified their portfolios, in other word, they put theirs eggs in more than one baskets. Bill Gates invested his money wisely, he has it different stocks, including commodities, oil companies and fast food chain like McDonald. However they don’t keep it for a long period of time, they kept on switching I guess they profit a bit then move to something else.

I think it makes sense for the rich to get richer. As I have done similar investments. Find the best stock that you know will go up higher then the price you purchase that is, even a slightly up trend you can profit. Why? Because you have large amount of money to invest with. Let say I’m poor, I only 1 BTC to invest, the next day, BTC went up, I profit 10%. Now if Bill Gates were to invest in BTC, he would invest 10,000BTC at the minimum, and that 10,000BTC up 10%, as you can see the different between investing in 1BTC vs. 10,000BTC, sure it will down, but with the rich people they’re smarter than that to buy BTC that crashed any moment, but you get the point.

So if you’re poor, how can you be rich? To me, I think I have attempted many things to make money. However I failed, and the reason for failure due to various reasons from compromised and luck to being the wrong place at the wrong time timing. I started to sell bugs repeller during the summer, but due to family situation I wasn’t to focus on it. I started to make websites to make money, then I found out many others can do better. I buy stocks it went up and I didn’t sell thinking it will sky rocket, but it crashed. And so on … honestly I don’t know how to become rich the legal way, I have a job, have family, and does some side jobs online including blogging on many blogs which barely enough to pay for webhosting and domain, and invest in some virtual currencies which hasn’t been doing well at all. The bottom line is I learned a lot and with blogging it helps with my English. I don’t just blog, I have to go out on other credible websites to learn, absorb, get educated, investigated, before voicing my opinion.


Coinbase operating without a license?

Easy there killer! it’s not what you think when you first see the title of this blog 🙂 LOL well I got it from NYTimes news, http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2015/01/28/coinbase-a-bitcoin-exchange-is-operating-without-licenses-so-far/?_r=0

Basically it is true that Coinbase operating without a license in California that is. However chances are they will be issued a license soon, so they’re good and legal, they’re in compliance. Don’t worry your Bitcoin is safe at Coinbase, but who knows what the future hold.

OK what’s up with the Bitcoin price? it was up nicely with strong momentum but that didn’t last long, over the past few days it dropped like a rock again back to close to under $200. Even with the good news of bring Bitcoin to stock exchange, it did help, but didn’t maintain its momentum.

I strongly believe that Bitcoin will rise again someday and based on surveys and analysis, Bitcoin will be at $1000 again in 3 years, although we may not see Bitcoin going up anytime soon in 2015. Therefore if you’re thinking about invest or play with Bitcoin, don’t expect any profit in the next 6 months or a year.


bitcoin price prediction is next to impossible

bitcoin price prediction is next to impossible

Paypal EMV? secure chip on a credit card?

OK so Paypal said they will embed a secure chip onto the Paypal related credit card, this will prevent fraud? I don’t know about this, for sure it will make it harder for fraud, but I don’t think it’s bullet proof. There will be always someone out there can break the code if they want to. It is good that Paypal is always trying to be on top of security. Hopefully one day they will adopt Bitcoin or invest Bitcoin and make it more secure.

EMV: changing the way you get paid.

In case you haven’t heard, US card payment security is getting an upgrade. Thanks to EMV technology, soon every credit and debit card will come with a microchip designed to prevent fraudulent transactions. And that’s good news for you and your customers. PayPal and PayPal Here are already helping merchants with EMV in other countries, and we’ll be with you every step of the way as it rolls out in the US in 2015.

What is EMV?

Named for Europay, MasterCard,® and Visa,® EMV is a new US card payment technology with a chip designed to enhance security and decrease fraud.

What happens October 1, 2015?

The liability for fraudulent charges made on a non-EMV-compliant card reader shifts from the card industry to merchants that accept card payments.

What do I need to do?

Learn more about your options at PayPal’s EMV website and keep checking back for updates. We’re already managing EMV compliance globally, so we have the know-how your business can count on.

Bitcoin hit $300 today but didn’t last long

With positive news over the past few days helped Bitcoin up back to $300, but didn’t last long. However the good news is it’s still on the positive side.

If anyone purchased Bitcoin a few days ago at $200 a pop, they would have profit $100 per pop today when it got to $300. Talking about volatility huh? 🙂 that’s Bitcoin for you, it could $1000 one day and could 1 cent another day, for now. Eventually it will get better and not as much volatile.

Bitcoin can only go up in long term because there are limited # of Bitcoin available, and probably a lot already been loss due to data storage destroyed without a backup. Hackers hacking Bitcoin is a different story, they would sell it or have it in their possession in which they can cash it anytime.

Based on data averaging of people’s prediction on Bitcoin price, in three years Bitcoin should be at or > $1000 in three years. I think this is realistic and possible.

Lastly, be careful of SCAM, people are taking advantage of Bitcoin and operates many scam on the internet. Be vigilant, stay away from too good to be true, stay away from HYIP concepts, stay away from unknown business lack of background check.




Jack Ma and Bitcoin

To me, Jack Ma is like the American Rockefeller and Henry Ford. Except Jack Ma is from China, and as of this day January 2015, he is the richest man in China. Around the world who’s the richest? well you might surprise, one thing is that person is not from the USA. 🙂

Jack Ma owner of Alibaba, and in China Bitcoin are not being accepted, it was actually banned in 2014 or so, or maybe it was never legal, just that China didn’t say anything about it until it was banned.

Alibaba as a large legal operation company operates under compliance and so far they’re stay away from Bitcoin at this time. However in the future that may change. I strong believe as many others that Jack Ma Alibaba will adopt and accept Bitcoin. Alibaba can accept Bitcoin today if they want to, I don’t see why not, or cannot, just go through a big exchange and having that exchange responsible for the transactions into cash. Just that perhaps Alibaba cannot hold on to the Bitcoin, or have Bitcoin possession, but surely they can have cash. By accepting Bitcoin convert it to cash at the end of the day.

Bitcoin will be back in the $1000 in 3 years? off course! no doubt, or even higher. Sure Bitcoin caused problems but if look back in history, any new technology will always encounter issue, eventually it will get fix and back to mainstream.

Is USA economy in good shape?

Based on President Obama State of the Union speech last night. It appears that US is in better shapes than the year before and before that.

Gas price are down. If you didn’t notice the gas price are very low, well lowest in a couple years perhaps. The unemployment rate is also down. Hopefully it continue to stay this way.

The terrorist, ISIS and Al-Qaeda are still terrorizing the world especially the United States and Europe, perhaps because they’re jealous due to the wealth and well organized living environment, I can’t think of any other reason. Just my own opinion. Some might say the terrorist are the fuel to booming economy at the same impact it, depend on how well we manage.

I can’t this without saying stuff about Bitcoin. Bitcoin indeed the worst currency to invest in 2014 and maybe this year 2015 also. However Bitcoin is here to stay, it’s not going anywhere. The price indeed is very volatile. Investors get nervous and scare will not hold their investment for long. As we’ve already seen the trend, up a little and big down like 2 to 10 times lower than what it gained, that’s where we’re at today. Will there be another big trend down? I think so, because my guess is that it will go to $25-$50 but impossible to be lower, too low will have people buying and will make it go up higher and higher and maybe skyrocket due to panic buy. However if Bitcoin stay at $200 or so, then most likely it’s a sitting duck, will sit for a long long time.

There are still hopes for Bitcoin! off course

Let face it. Over the past few days Bitcoin droppped 50% of its value or so. Then yesterday Washington post published an article in regard to Bitcoin. The article title Revealed: Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme. Many Bitcoin enthusiast saw it, and didn’t even read it because the title already point out to a writer whom is a bias.

I myself didn’t read the whole article either, but did read the comments and reactions from some people responding to that article. Those whom responded to the article doesn’t appears to know much about Bitcoin either, I think they got influenced by the article, and these are smart intelligent people I believe because they can read and comprehend, just not thinking outside the box.

To me, based on my knowledge and experience. I don’t think Bitcoin will ever go away, even if it’s at 1 cent which is next to impossible to happen ever. Today if bitcoin fall to below $100 this will cause a surge in many will buy Bitcoin and will make the price go up again. I will be be a little generous and say $25-$50 is the lowest it will go if Bitcoin ever crashed again. At the price of $25 to $50 a Bitcoin, this will cause a big surge in Bitcoin buying from everyone! and perhaps even the one that don’t know much about bitcoin, but does know that it once at $1100 +

It is sad for the miners, and off course sad for the data center or business that charge fees based on bitcoin % not USD or EUR or whatever paper currencies. Let say if 1% of bitcoin for 1 btc is .01BTC, and price the for BTC dropped so does that 0.01BTC fee, and if the business cashing out daily for sure loss of profit and will most likely have chain reaction throughout its business process of making a profit. Take example CEX.io could not make earning to pay for data center maintenance because they’re paying in USD, so had to end Cloud mining service in the data center because of no profit, they will resume when Bitcoin hit $320 again.

Hashprofit is gone and so is your money

As many people have already known, back in late December Hashprofit having problems with its websites and became transparent that their HYIP didn’t last long, and officially gone as of today since late December. This is before Bitcoin price today crashed to $100.

This is no surprise, since the price of Bitcoin just crashed to way below the time when it started rising back in 2013. There will be more business related to Cryptocoins in general, not just Bitcoin, will be closing. Some just disappear without a trace since they’re using anonymous or stolen identity to operate, and these are the ponzi scheme scam if someone really fall for it. Some larger business such as Exchange will give a reason and warning, asking users members to withdraw all their Bitcoin before closing down with specific date.

Hashprofit was among one ponzi scam that I talked about previously that don’t show much sign of straight ponzi scam, but it will be, and it did as we already known. Cointellect have similar business model to hashprofit, so the question is how long can Cointellect survive before they disappear? don’t know, just have to wait and see.

I highly recommend everyone to stop investing into any cryptocoins related investments as business might close suddenly or taking advantage of the crash of Bitcoin to pack up and disappear.