Making money online invest in HYIP how to tell when the program is ending

Throughout the years, I have invested in many HYIP in the past and I haven’t done much lately. What I learned was, most of the HYIP program online start out with payout to everyone consistently for a short period of time without any much marketing. It is by word of mouth referrals commission and so on. The operator are sometime monitors each individual account manually to see when the investors will stop investing or see if it’s from the same person and so on. For many other HYIP, it’s simply they’re watching their balance of in and out.

For most HYIP. If the IN is $10, and the out is $10, they will continue to operate normally. If the IN is $10 and the out is $15, they will start to make up stories such as having payout problems due to technical issue, bank issue, and so on, so that they can delay payout or payout in very small amount. If the IN is $10 and the out is $5, off course they’re profiting and at this stage they will plan a get away, meaning withdraw all the cash to their bank and at the same time making up stories for delay in paying whatever advantage they can take, even pay pennies to the investors just to keep them calm as their getaway plan is in progress.

How to tell if the HYIP is ending? – short answer is when you see the HYIP is very active, such as more promotion, increases in commission referrals, bonus payout, live chat live activities, and off course creating more websites and announcement of expanding its operations; basically whatever advantage available to get more investors going in during the last minutes. Paypal and Credit Card bank are just gimmicks. The real pocket money they will steal are from investors that paid by virtual currencies such as Bitcoin Dogecoin Cryptocoins EgoPay Money Perfect and so on, these are not traceable and only have one way transactions if from a non legitimate business.

There are projects similar to HYIP and bias people would right away call it a HYIP. However project goal is to really want it to work and longevity, but disaster could happen such as the falling of Bitcoin value will impact its operations, or the money from its investors were gambled and loss all, or the money was put in an unknown investment program to yield higher profit but failed, so as a result the project couldn’t make payout and had to abandoned. These projects are half HYIP and half new technology. If the technology failed, the program failed. If the technology succeed then the program skyrocketed.

Free Bitcoin and 200kh/s for 7 days limited time offer

There’s a new pool if you may call it a mining pool, looks like it though. Anyhow short story. Just sign up and you will get 0.001* Bitcoin, and also a free 200kh/s for 7 days. Link below.

I’m not sure about this business, so take extra precaution, because I’ve seen online business come and go pretty fast, ensure you invest in something you can afford to loose, and short period investment.

Hash Profit

PerkTV VMWARE VPS Virtual Machine? BAD IDEA!

The sad thing is that, PerKTV will allow your PerkTV to run on virtual machine but when you try to withdraw or cash out your earning, that’s when your account will either get banned or you will just “Reward Cancelled”

OK so what is this. This is in regard to PerkTV, pay you for watching advertisements, whether it’s commercial or movies trailers etc. You get points for each one you finished watching, and only android version 4 and newer, and IOS iphone version 7 and older, or I guess iphone 4 and up, older devices forget it. Cheating is a bad idea, don’t think you can be smarter than PerkTV, they have a team, how about to be specific, they also have a team of high paying hackers background, whatever you’re trying to do to cheat, they will find out and cut you off sooner or later. Like I said, they will not banned you right away, they will wait until you try to cash out or withdraw your earnings, could be weeks or months, and then you finds out they’re not giving it to you, because they have proof you’re violating their TOS terms of service, on other word you’re cheating.

So don’t fall for those trap from and many other sites showing you how to cheat PerkTV, Swagbucks and so on, it will not work for long, you will get banned suspended, and sad thing is not right away, they will wait until you withdrawal request, and nothing you can do about it, because you’re cheating.

Now to the good stuff, yes you can make few dollars with perkTV by following their Terms of Service. If you’re not sure, ask PerkTV directly, don’t try to get answer from blogs, forums, rather ask your question directly to PerKTV.

PerkTV, bottom line. You can only have one account, you use up to five devices. Your household can each person can have their own account, and up to five devices for each account. Something to keep in mind is that, PerkTV paying less and less points now, before you know it, the earning probably will be too low to be viable to watch it anymore, this is where all projects will end.

Don’t go out and buy a tons of android phones, and ios iphone etc. you think you can get your ROI (return of investment) back soon, within a month, ERRR, do your calculation. PerkTV is like Bitcoin mining in a sense, the earning is less and less, and it is not long term running, it will end one day, on top of that earning is less and less. The only good thing about PerkTV farming might be low electricity, but if your earning is high, you will get 1099 misc and you need to pay tax on that. This is for USA resident only. So perkTV might be for a while before the program ends.

So if you like my article, please sign up perTV under my referral below, it will help me out. Thank you.


android ios perktc farm make money alternative to mining bitcoin cryptocoins

android ios perktc farm make money alternative to mining bitcoin cryptocoins scam similar to probably the same people been scamming money

Have you received an email from someone you don’t know, perhaps some business or individual, and the email didn’t get flagged as SPAM folder? and the email related to “100 dollars a day for you” or something similar. The from email address is something like [email protected] or well the domain for that email don’t exist for start.

Below are reasons why it’s a scam, and it is similar to, and many others that tied to HYIP, high yield investment programs.

  1. Fake gimmicky graphics on mining software screen shot, got photoshop or does not exist at all, not real software like and
  2. The software deep antivirus malwares scan revealed multiple hacking viruses, including the types that can control your computer remotely
  3. Fake social media followers and likes. You can purchase 1000 Likes on Facebook, 1000 followers on twitter for about $20 (20 USD)
  4. domain has backlinks all over the internet including porn piracy gambling websites.
  5. The domain name link back to many fishy scamming websites and business in the past.

If you know about scam, this is another one, look familiar below? it is. running same scam as taking advantage of crypto mining to fool people running same scam as taking advantage of crypto mining to fool people ipuservices all scam ran by the same scammers repeating the cycle with new twist in scamming ipuservices all scam ran by the same scammers repeating the cycle with new twist in scamming

Hey ,

As one of my referrals in some previous project today I want to introduce you this new and great earning opportunity that doesn’t require any payment to start with.
There’s in fact a company that is willing to pay you to ‘rent’ your computer computing power to produce crypto currency (a currency similar to the well known bitcoin) and that as soon as you’ll make the payment request it will send you money on your Paypal account or on your crypto corrency wallet.

In order to start you’ve just to sign up, download their software and run it on your computer.

As I’ve already told you, it doesn’t cost anything to try it out and if you’re not satisfied with your earnings you can just leave the project and delete the software. If you want to earn more than what you’re already producing only with the computer(s) that you own you can also decide to pay for a contract (I repeat, only in this case you’ll have to pay something, otherwise everything is and will be always free) in order to get more computing power.

I’ve already got several payments (on my Paypal account) and I assure you that the company pays without any problem at all!

In addition to this, if you’ll make your friends/acquaintances to join the program you’ll get an additional 10% on their earnings.

To start this new project click HERE and sign up now!

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How to make money every time you buy anything

This is working for many years now and helps a lot of people, especially online. The only website that is straight forward and have support available with updates and communication that are very clear.
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Is STP reliable? or liar about their fraud investigation?

Let me give you a short answer before jumping into long detail. The answer is STP no different than EGOPAY, Perfect Money, and so on. STP does not do any investigation although if you send an email to SolidTrust Investigations <[email protected]>; STP will respond but it’s an automated email with details on what they would do, but just lies, they never look at your complain, nor respond to you personally. So do not think STP is any different than others online HYIP payment processors, STP probably HYIP business themselves affiliate with HYIP SCAMMERS. I will be promoting a campaign or support existing campaign to shut down

If you’re still doing HYIP, most if not all are scam and you will loose money sooner or later, cannot outsmart them unless you run one yourself. I did quite a bit of HYIP for a while like almost 6 months, half years. Knowing EGOPAY, PerfectMoney, and so on, they only have one way transaction, no such thing as dispute or refund. Well I thought would be any different? Well they’re not, although they give you an email to send to reporting fraudulent activities merchants, but they will never respond to your email. How do I know this? Because I reported at least 5 times on 5 different HYIP and the same result one after another. fraud department don’t exist, STP does not do any investigation or even look at the email.

SolidTrustPay STP ignores all fraud email sent to them. You will only get an automated respond, nothing else, no such thing as personal respond from anyone. Well people would have guess the reason due to tons of fraud reported due to SCAM FRAUD HYIP out there. So do not trust STP they’re no different than any other payment processors that only have one way transaction, and STP support HYIP Scam fraud websites to sustain their operations, that’s how they make money by supporting fraudulent activities.

Bottom line, be careful! do your homework. Don’t jump on board until you know the level of reliability on any program. I know it’s tempting to get involve in giving free money away. I know it’s hard to stop HYIP because it’s gambling. You put in $10 and hope to get $10 in a day, a week, a month, or a year. So be careful, some do pay but just tricking you to invest more. All HYIP and related online program came in all shape and sizes, but chances are they’re all linked affiliated to each other, including the payment processors, and probably the payment processors such as EGOPAY SolidTrustPay STP themselves are running the scam, that’s how they know when to stop paying and run away. Stay away if you can, and you must. It’s better to spend that $10 with your friends or love one, instead giving it away online, chances are you will not get it back, on top of that stress and angers for being scammed.

On Tuesday, November 19, 2013 2:04 PM, SolidTrust Investigations <[email protected]> wrote:

You have contacted the SolidTrust Pay Investigations Department.

Please read the following as it may address your concerns:

1. If you are reporting that a website has gone offline, we will take note and look further into this as the site may be down for maintenance. If the site does not come back, we will suspend the account and put a hold on any remaining funds. Note that we have no control over any website that goes down and/or chooses to stop using our services.

2. If you are reporting a complaint against an online program that you have chosen to participate in or join, review their terms and contact the merchant for any complaint resolution. Also review SolidTrust Pay user agreement and note point 5: “Buyer Beware”. We do not guarantee refunds for programs that close or discontinue the use of SolidTrust Pay. You enter these programs at your own risk.

3. If a website or program that you are inquiring about does come under investigation by us, we will take appropriate action. We ask that you not contact us regarding fraud or scam accounts – we are already aware. If there are funds in the merchant’s account, refunds may be available, but are not guaranteed. The refunding process can take up to 6 months from the time the account becomes suspended and we ask for your patience as this is a lengthy process to complete. IF there are any remaining funds in the merchant’s account, members receive a partial refund equal to a percentage of any loss. If refunds are able to be completed you are notified via email, and any funds are automatically put back into your SolidTrust Pay account.

NOTE – if your question or concern regards any of the above, you will not receive a response further to this one. The website that you mention will be noted and looked into.

If your email does NOT concern any of the above, you will receive a personal response within 1-3 business days.

Kind Regards
SolidTrust Pay
Investigations Department

[EGOPAY closing] Forced by USA regulations and complaint filed of SCAM using EGOPAY!

Just in case you don’t know. EGOPAY being forced to closed, at least from the USA. EGOPAY has been doing SCAM business mostly gambling and HYIP. High Yield Investments programs such as,, and so, all these online scam operates using EGOPAY and similar payment processors to take people’s money, and it’s a one transaction, no such thing as dispute or report the business whom use egopay as scam. That was how bad it was, now from many complaint Federal regulation now forced EGOPAY to closed, and probably seeing some fine! soon. Some say EGOPAY is Payza sub company, but probably not.

EGOPAY was popular in, this is an example to prove any online business using EGOPAY as payment accepted for investment programs, chances are, 99% of them are all gambling related investments, anonymous, and ponzi scheme scam.

From: EgoPay Team <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, February 14, 2014
Subject: EgoPay U.S. citizens accounts about to be closed


Dear ,
Due to the current United States laws, all EgoPay accounts that belong to U.S. Citizens/Residents/U.S. Companies will be locked on the 28th of March. You can still implement your operations the same as before until 14th of March. Please note, that after 14th of March you will not be able to receive any funds and will only have an option to send or withdraw your funds.
Please manage your payments and withdraws in time.
Please remember that EgoPay will never attach files, ask you to click links or provide personal information via e-mail.

[bigger issue not paying] faces bigger issue than expected

This is just based on chat room information and tied out to many searches result in regard to operations. SCAM everywhere no doubt. On top of that, honest members aren’t getting paid, only hackers and robots or bots or scripts kiddies hacking got paid through hacking methods, red hat, black hat, indirect methods, software methods, applications methods through API, hacking of payment processors and so on there hackers got paid and honest members invest hard earning money and get nothing out, all taken away by hackers of

Members in the chat room are watching closely, and analyzing the payments status, although it’s all read as indicated in the Gateway Status but apparently lots of repeated members are getting paid, how? at the same time every hours? partial real members and mostly bots? or mostly bots, pre-configured to fool members? could be, hard to say.

The bottom line, it is indeed true that there are hackers out there getting through hacking its payout system to get paid, hacking to get free threads. However the hacking for free threads are fake, tricking, fooling people to download, but they will never be able to download it, they will have to go through endless surveys which steal their identity, installing virus on their computers, make money for the hackers by doing the survey, how stupid many people already done this, feel sorry for them, but I have to say you’re stupid! sorry. Please admit that mistake and try not to repeat it.

If you really want to make small amount of money, you can invest safe long lasting, most trusted HYIPs such as topcapitalist and geniuscapital, no they’re not like after90days or the malaysian hyips that died disappeared, watch out for scam one by reviewing their offers of investments, never invest or trust with investment program hyip that have a 300% return on one of their plan, rather go for smaller amount, get lower payout but safe. Invest only with money you can afford to loose, do not reinvest or 100% compound. Reinvest or compound only certain percentage, do the math. closed?

Seems like closed. They’ve been off for over 24 hours. Yet another PTC website that offer great earning now had closed, and nothing anyone can do about it, unless you report it to the ic3. and it will need a large community of users, all, everyone, all users from to report it to then they may take action to track the owner down like to arrest them and take all asset and eventually not only the owners suffer but their family as well, just like ran away and many other HYIPs.