Tell the FCC to safeguard the Internet for all users Policy Alert for Main Street Members

Did you get similar email letter from EBAY? at first I thought it’s about privacy or the taxation stuff for ebay sellers. Apparently I don’t really know what it really is, but for sure it has to do with the internet overall and the government interference, not just ebay. The government really should prioritize what really need to be done at the moment, ISIS is coming to the US soon.

Policy Alert for Main Street Members
Tell the FCC to safeguard the Internet for all users

Dear Main Street Member,

As we recently reported, the fight for Network Neutrality continues as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) seeks public opinion on the best way to preserve Open Internet access in the United States. Millions of Americans from all across the country have already voiced their opinion on the importance of protecting the future of the Internet. In a blog post earlier this week from Richard Nash, eBay Inc.’s Head of Government Relations for the Americas, eBay Inc. reiterated its concerns with broadband service providers developing business models that create slow lanes and fast lanes on the Internet and urged the FCC to make sure there are no barriers to entry to the digital world.

“eBay Inc. believes the principle we call net neutrality is worthy of the strongest protections. The Internet has become such an important tool for communications, commerce, education and leisure, and has the power to accelerate inclusion in the digital world for people across the globe,” wrote Nash. “Making sure EVERYONE can access what he or she chooses on the Internet, however they wish, is something we shouldn’t take for granted.”

It is not too late to join us and voice your concern. If you believe that the current open model of the Internet, without fast lanes and slow lanes based on business deals by broadband providers, is important, now is a great time to get involved. You can add your voice to the debate by submitting a comment to the FCC.

The principle of net neutrality is critical for the Internet of today and for the future. Thank you for joining us as we fight for this important issue!


eBay Inc. Main Street

Tell the FCC to maintain an Open Internet

How to defeat the ISIS or should I say ISHIT?

Lately I’m sure many people, if not all the whole world knows something about the ISIS, how brutal they are and they call themselves religious people, what a joke. I’m guessing they’re taking religious to the next level? Well ok, so many the video footage of the beheaded American journalist was a job of an individual representing the whole ISIS group?

Well, another thing is conspiracies. People questions if the video is authentic, and indeed ISIS were the one whom cut the throat of those American journalist? Some say it’s fake, some say it’s made up. Some believe it’s real, but just to have evidence on why American military would need to destroy ISIS terrorist group.

OK so back to the main question, after knowing ISIS need to be stopped. How do we stop the ISIS? continue what we’re doing today? since the ISIS are using technology, such as facebook, twitter, youtube to post videos or somehow those videos were posted can be traced back to many layers, it can done. And then bomb them all the gate of hell, as how Biden put it “to the gate of hell!” 🙂 Really, destroying ISIS isn’t that difficult, go for the top guy first, the leader, and down to the slaves. Perhaps the slaves can turn around after their leader died.

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If you want to post your families members pictures on Facebook then you should remove everyone else

There are many reasons you should not be posting your families members, especially immediate family members on Facebook, youtube, google +, social media network even Twitter, unless you want to expose them to the internet. I can tell you I wouldn’t if were them. Understanding the harmful thing that could happen.

If you still want to post pictures to share with only family members then you better get to facebook configuration and start setting up new groups. Such as Immediate family members group. Friends, Co-Workers, Enemies, Subscribers, and everyone else, you get the point. Then default your post to Family members, and then when you post your pictures or whatever will appear automatically only for family members.  Now facebook doesn’t like this, what they want for you to do is expose to the whole world so they can make money off of your posts, so they will make it difficult to configure post directly for certain audience.

I’ve seen people post on Facebook, Twitter where they’re about, where they’re at, even their home house address and so on. This is just telling criminals where you’re at to determine when to go to your house and rob you. The more detail you share online, the riskier you will get hurt both physically and mentally.

I’ve seen people post on Facebook showing off their body, their attractiveness, their large breast, and so on. You’re just asking for trouble. Criminal are advancing to technology to catch victims. Most likely you will get rape, get hurt, get victimized by stoker. You really just asking for trouble, or maybe you want to get rape or be a porn star, or hooker. So please, think about it, before posting. On top of that not to mention about the potential of loosing your job and reputation.

I’ve seen people post pictures of their son or daughters ever since they’re born, and kept on posting it daily, even toward their teenager years. Again, you’re just asking for trouble. Do you know that their criminal out there with dirty mind, all they do is surf the internet, scanning through facebook, twitter, youtube and other social media network to find victims they can easily get to. The pictures of your daughters, son, and even your wife or yourself could catch some criminal attention and it’s not that hard to get to you, and eventually your life will be miserable.

So please, post responsibly. Maybe don’t post at all anything related to your family where about, and pictures, it’s not a good thing, even you think it’s secure if we set it up correctly. I wouldn’t do it. Family stuff should be kept within a box, share with family members privately such as sms to sms and hope the other family members doesn’t share it on facebook. It’s better than posting it yourself on the internet asking for troubles today now, or the future.

how to spy and catch prey on the internet facebook twitter youtube

how to spy and catch prey on the internet facebook twitter youtube

Michael Brown deserve to died did you see the security footage surveillance

Are people blind? who are the protesters? I can tell you most likely trouble maker, or had come in contact with the law in the past, hatred to the authority, bad taste and so on. These people are taking advantage to destroy the whole town, looting, stealing merchandise and so on.

Don’t get me wrong, killing of another person isn’t a good thing, but being a bad person isn’t a good thing either. For those of you who are not idiot, and patient enough for a clearer answer then take a look at the latest report released by the authority. Look at how big that guy is, and how he robbed or steal merchandise from a convenient store and how he treated other people that is smaller than him. Look at that picture. A big guy, probably scary too, stealing merchandise, trying to choke a store clerk maybe, not afraid scare of the law, trouble maker, even though stealing is bad, this guy does it anyway. Why? because he’s up to no good, and who knows what this guy could done later in life. Rape your wife, your daughters, robbery murder rape, you name it, this guy “Michael Brown” he’s probably capable of that and more, if you check the security video capture his action robbery in progress, stealing and how he treated another person a lot smaller than him, then you would understand this person is capable of.

Again, I feel sadness for his family, but not for him, Michael Brown, a person like you is not what we want in this world, in this society, eventually you will go to jail, get out jail, start all over again and your violence will only get worst. Most trouble maker began stealing just like you, then gradually get into more trouble, selling drugs, gang bang, robbery, hurting other people. I surely feel sad for your family, your parents whoever raise you up, as it seem does not raise you up correctly. Why do you steal? didn’t your mama, papa tell you not to steal, didn’t your mama papa tell you to treat other nicely, the way you would like to be treated? not bullying that smaller person you encounter at the convenient store? Even you know what you did was wrong, you still does it anyways and that smaller person isn’t going to crap about it. In the end you get what coming to you sooner than later. Rest in peace “Michael Brown”.

Now back to the more trouble maker protesters. Go get educated, get to the truth. Don’t be a bias. Don’t be an idiot. Don’t take advantage of your hatred and act upon it as a reason for you protest, looting, and cause more harm to the community. Go get proper education. Get proper control and understanding. Stop believing what other say on twitter, facebook and youtube, their intention could be misleading for a purpose to benefit themselves with your help. You’re being tricked. So get the the truth. Please.

For the Police office whom shot the big guy, I’m not sure how this happened, shot in the back? hmm that is interesting. We have not heard from him yet, nor we can talk to the dead. I’m sure the police office side feel grief too, we don’t know much, but eventually it will come out.

Michael Brown commited arm robbery bullied other people smaller than him

Michael Brown commited arm robbery bullied other people smaller than him

Are there a possibility that US and UN and Syria and even Al Qaeda team up to defeat the ISIS?

Let’s talk about the possibility of ISIS are planning similar attack to the 9/11, sadly this is no doubt already being planned, the question is not if but more of a when. When will ISIS initiate the attack similar to 9/11 on US soil, it would be more brutal, more deadly than ever in history. ISIS are being known no doubt worst than the AL Qaeda, and it is facts that the Al Qaeda are afraid of the ISIS group as well.

So far this is happening in the Middle East, also the same region where Al Qaeda operates. When people there in that region hears of the ISIS are coming, people would fled, even the authority, security force and military abandoned everything and fled the region as the ISIS moving in. Not even a fight.

I believe that, president Obama made the right choice, not sending any troops until that region security force are willingly enough to take control of their country, as of today they’re not, even though the American military had trained them, but it appears that they’re chicken out. So as a result no military ground support from the US. However there are possibility that US might have some types of negotiation with Syria military temporary join force to defeat the ISIS.

The scary thing also is, some even speculate that Al Qaeda might be better to dealt with than the ISIS. Therefore if this is on the table of discussion then the possibility of another negotiation with the Al Qaeda and UN US to defeat the ISIS. Hey! look! Obama administration negotiated with the Al Qaeda in exchanging prisoners, well 1 for 5 that is, so maybe this was a test to see if US can negotiate with the terrorist. Look like it was a successful negotiation, prisoners were released and who knows what happen afterward, doesn’t matter much. The important thing is now we know we can negotiate with the terrorist Al Qaeda that is, and it’s a good starting point to end blood shed terrorist attack. You scratch my back, I scratch your back. What you want I can provide, and what I want you’re able to fulfill that’s all it’s matter. No more killings, you loss lives, we loss lives, it’s not a win win situation for anyone. So I think negotiation might be good. Although we’ve already known the standard laws high up, no negotiation with the terrorist especially Al Qaeda.

Going back to the ISIS situation. I think this is kind of like a “psychology” type of war. Perhaps the US UN already know ISIS will be attacking and taken over, and knowing that Al Qaeda is very afraid of the ISIS as well, so this would put pressure on the Al Qaeda to take action.

Federal Government making big mistake auctioning close to 30,000 Bitcoins what can the winner do with these Bitcoins?

This activity from the Federal Government really going to crash Bitcoin for sure! no doubt! In the a few days, the lucky winner will obtain in possession of close to 30,000 BTC Bitcoin. What will they do with it?

  • Sell it to individual with very cheap price, cheaper than exchange business, causing the price of Bitcoin to go down.
  • Deposit to exchanger and cash it out slowly, causing the price of Bitcoin price to go down.
  • Use it to buy legal products and services.
  • Use it to buy illegal products and services.
  • Use it for bad purpose such as drugs, and gang activities.
  • Use it to hurt someone or something or some place.

I think the Federal Government are making a big mistake doing this auction of 30,000 BTC Bitcoin, as the winner will probably get involve in illegal activities since they already know these Bitcoin activities cannot be traced that easily, and perhaps these Bitcoin will fall into the bad guy and will use it against the Federal Government.

This is how the government can impact the price of Bitcoin BTC

Have you ever wonder what can impact the price of Bitcoin BTC dramatically? Well one way for sure is this today. USMS Asset Forfeiture Sale Bitcoin June 2014 to the publicThis website is a government website and it’s auctioning close to 30,000 (thirty thousand) BTC Bitcoins to the public. Anyone whom have money can buy it, you don’t have to buy it from the exchanger. So who’s going to get this $20 Million worth of Bitcoin? well anyone! anyone whom have $200,000 cash deposit or as insurance to proof that you’re serious to get this 30,000 Bitcoin.

But wait! this is not a transfer of 30,000 Bitcoins into your wallet nor the wallet that contain 30,000 Bitcoins where you can easily get to and start transferring and selling it right away I don’t think. I think it is more complicated than that. The wallet files contained these Bitcoin, is it password protected? encrypted? Well I don’t really know much about it. What I do know is that when these Bitcoin being sold on exchange, the price of Bitcoin will for sure dropped to the ground. It’s obvious that the more people buy Bitcoin, the price of Bitcoin rise go up and up, the more Bitcoin being purchased, the higher the price of Bitcoin rise skyrocketed as investors buys Bitcoin.

I don’t know what really will happen. However at the moment, the price of Bitcoin BTC are falling dropping from 650 to 550 in one day, or actually less than a day, perhaps after the news broke out that Government are auctioning 30,000 Bitcoins and taking aggressive action against Bitcoin “silk road” mostly unethical activities though.

This action from the Federal US Government really going to hurt Bitcoin price for sure, it will tumble and hit to possible single digit when these 30,000 coins are being sold cashed out. No, I’m not exaggerating! Look at MtGox for example, causing the price of Bitcoin rise! to over one thousand dollars per BTC, then something happen, MtGox loss all the Bitcoins? Then price tumbled looses 50% value. So this action from government we don’t think it will cause Bitcoin to loose 50%? So if the price now is $550, what would 50% be? so maybe not down to single digit, but maybe $100s

US government action against Bitcoin US Marshall auctioning 30,000 Bitcoins BTC to the public causing Bitcoin price to tumble

US government action against Bitcoin US Marshall auctioning 30,000 Bitcoins BTC to the public causing Bitcoin price to tumble


What is up with China? by now the world know for sure that oil-rig sitting on Vietnam territorial water isn’t going anywhere

What is up with China? by now the world know for sure that oil-rig sitting on Vietnam territorial water isn’t going anywhere, all the military activities movements between Vietnam and China just for show, no way China will attack nor Vietnam can attack China, these military movements activities crap! are for show! come on now people. That oil-rig isn’t going anywhere it will depleted all the oil there and then move even closer to Vietnam land to suck up more oil. Why didn’t China step on Russia’s land and drill oil there, thery’re right next to it, there are a lot more oil in Russia land than Vietnam, hope you get my point! Also keep this mind, China have massive military power only the USA can destroy, but keep this in mind, Chinese military power and weapons are Made in China! LOL     Y’all should know the quality of China products  One last thing, if anyone want to get rid of that oil-rig, it’s not that hard, homemade submarines are easy to make, make two with gps remote navigation, dive deep, and crash into that oil rig with a couple hundreds pound of explosive enough to do damage and BOOM! if the first one missed, the second one will not  maybe the homemade drone helicopters can do the job as well, tons of ways, come on now!, but if you want to save some money pay $100 to the Al CA CA! I mean Alqeda suicide bomber to do it  … Anyhow forget this crap!!! back to Bitcoin  sky rocketing babbbee 

Can Vietnam survives without China?

The two communist countries apparently at a war on territorial water ownership in the Spratly island. Lately China pushed one of its oil-rig to the disputed island Vietnam claimed it belongs to them. Apparently both side isn’t backing down and images and videos proven that the Chinese Coast Guard ram the Vietnamese Coast Guard boat, and many Chinese Military vessels are on its way to the location where the incident happened.

Vietnam have a very weak military power in term of technology and lack of high tech weapons. While China advance military is as good as other advance technological countries such as European and US, including nuke! that’s right nuclear power and not to mention military soldiers. Basically China can wipe out Vietnam very easy and very quick. However what’s saving Vietnam is the international intervention and the transparencies now visible to the world of what happening, and so China not going to attack Vietnam that easily if its want to gain maintain economic growth. China already evacuated thousands of Chinese back home. China also cut many ties with Vietnam, as a result Vietnam will see some economic growth fallen.

Vietnam had beaten many invasion from other countries, such as the Chinese long time ago, then French and British, and then the US, and now Chinese back again but this time in the Spratly island area.

So the big question. Can Vietnam survive without China? since China has been its own support in economic growth. Although other countries such as Taiwan, Japan and Korea are primary investors, little investors from Europe US and other countries. The favor most likely will be on China side if Vietnam loss its ties with China. Will Vietnam suffer? probably not, and it might a good thing for Vietnam to change its government strategies and moving away from being a communist. It’s hard to say if anything much will happen. China will probably not going to attack or bomb Vietnam anytime soon, but for sure a different warfare will happens as a result of China bully. This warfare probably includes terrorist attack from either side against each other. Racism violence.