How to defeat the ISIS or should I say ISHIT?

Lately I’m sure many people, if not all the whole world knows something about the ISIS, how brutal they are and they call themselves religious people, what a joke. I’m guessing they’re taking religious to the next level? Well ok, so many the video footage of the beheaded American journalist was a job of an individual representing the whole ISIS group?

Well, another thing is conspiracies. People questions if the video is authentic, and indeed ISIS were the one whom cut the throat of those American journalist? Some say it’s fake, some say it’s made up. Some believe it’s real, but just to have evidence on why American military would need to destroy ISIS terrorist group.

OK so back to the main question, after knowing ISIS need to be stopped. How do we stop the ISIS? continue what we’re doing today? since the ISIS are using technology, such as facebook, twitter, youtube to post videos or somehow those videos were posted can be traced back to many layers, it can done. And then bomb them all the gate of hell, as how Biden put it “to the gate of hell!” 🙂 Really, destroying ISIS isn’t that difficult, go for the top guy first, the leader, and down to the slaves. Perhaps the slaves can turn around after their leader died.