Selling crypto coin on ebay? Bitcoin maybe? well how about Dogecoin for start

I’ve been doing crypto currencies mining for a year or more now. I’ve thought of selling it on ebay and probably profit a little bit more on ebay rather than using an exchange to cash. However there is a big risk going selling it through ebay.

First of all, a while back, ebay does not allow any virtual currencies to be listed on its website, not even classifieds, not even mining hardware, but today ebay have a category listing as Virtual Currencies, Contract Mining and so on. So this does tied to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin right? Well yes and no.

Yes, ebay now allow you sell your virtual currencies on ebay but as classified ads only, meaning you would need to complete the transaction outside of ebay.

No, you cannot list and sell your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, whatever virtual currencies and sell it using ebay process through paypal. You can still do it, and hope that ebay does not sees it, or someone reporting it, or the buyer scam you by buying and report to paypal that buyer never got the item, which is true because you ship nothing to the buyer, no proof, on top of that Paypal will probably ding you for selling virtual currencies. In the end if the buyer is a scam, he/she will report and chances are paypal will refund the buyer.

Basically there is a risk. You can print out the transaction proof and mail it with tracking # to the buyer and use it as proof, and chances are you can keep the money. But you run the risk of paypal might ding you for selling items that are still questionable legal or illegal. Probably case by case basis.

On later blog post, I will share my experience selling some small batch of dogecoins to see how it work out.