My ebay experience selling Dogecoins Bitcoin

I listed 3 set of 10,000 Dogecoin for sale on ebay as fixed price. Now I have more than 30,000 Dogecoin, but I just want to test it out to see if any buyer will scam me, chances are there will be, but I will take extra precaution and add to the description +500 Bonus Dogecoin once feedback left. Now my listing description is simple. 10,000 Dogecoin to your wallet, +500 Bonus after feedback left, and off course proof will be from website as proof Dogecoin sent.

I started out with $5 for 10,000 Dogecoin, well that didn’t work, nobody viewing it or buying it. So lower the price to $4, to $3, not much offer, but as I go down to $2.49 oh boy! immediate offers and sold within a few hours.

So I received the payment, and I sent the Dogecoin to the wallet address listed in the paypal note. Then I contact the buyer immediately, and waiting for feed back to send another 500 dogecoin. OK so far two buyer came through, and we’re all happy so far. However I did not feedback the buyer yet, as I’m waiting to see if the buyer will be playing me, even though he/she left me positive feedback, but I’m a little bit concern they may still can contact paypal saying he/she never got the item, even though I can proof via blockchain or, at this time ebay and paypal probably not up to speed on how the blockchain work, as a result they cannot use as proof, so most likely if anyone report, I might be loosing the case. However I’m optimistic that ebay and paypal are exposed to the virtual currencies, they might make exception and based on case by case basis they can determine more intelligently on who’s lying and not, and so hope that the fund didn’t get reversed.

Anyhow, will have more update in the next few days on this subject. I believe paypal buyer have up to 30-45 days to report issue. We will not know for sure until that time frame passed. I hope that ebay and paypal take case by case basis intelligently protecting the seller, not always gear toward the buyer all the time.


selling bitcoin dogecoin litecoin on experiment results

selling bitcoin dogecoin litecoin on experiment results