NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft will be visiting Pluto in a few months

Pluto is the last planet known to mankind at the outer edge of our solar system, although scientist believe that there are other planets beyond Pluto. Pluto was once not classified as not a planet, instead just a start, not sure the result today.

However what we know today, according to NASA website The New Horizon Spacecraft should be near or at Pluto in few months, probably before Summer 2015. The voyage appears to taken 9 years.

9 years to walk to Pluto New Horizon spacecraft

9 years to walk to Pluto New Horizon spacecraft

So let say if we have a spaceship we could have reach Pluto in less time, fraction maybe, 1 year. People could have been enjoying this 9 years trip, away from the Earth human natural disaster :).

Just another Bitcoin Cryptocoins mining pool?

Throughout the years, my experience with Bitcoin and Altcoin (cryptocoins). A typical Mining Pool, such as BTCGuild, and many more, simply a Mining Pool that allow computers or miners equipment such as ASIC to connect and mine the Cryptocoins.

Typical Mining Pool, has many users connected their computers or mining equipment such as ASIC with combined hash rate to mine Cryptocoins. The higher the hash rate, the higher chances of hitting a block to get the Cryptocoins. The Cryptocoins found or generated will be divided evenly to the members or users connected to mine for that duration of time. A simple calculation to get your fair share, based on your combination of hash rate and the time you spent on the pool. The payout normally is immediate to the members. The owner of the pool make money by fees 1-2% of your earning or withdrawal. Pool owner cannot cheat easily because the hash rate and  value of the coins are transparent.

Multipool. These types of pool will mine the most profitable coins every so often it will check the price based on an exchange price. Some multipools have different logic than other, some are robust, some aren’t so robust and required manual intervention from the operator. However the payout is the same as typical mining pool, in term of fair share that is. The owner of the pool again make money by fees 1-2% of your earning or withdrawal. Pool owner cannot cheat easily because the hash rate and  value of the coins are transparent.

Contract Mining. This is complicated, I can’t never really understand how it work, maybe because I haven’t tried yet. From what I’ve observed. Mining Contract have a duration, and price per Hash Rate at the time you have to pay in full, and the hash rate is your. Your hash rate yield your earning, and you should be able to withdraw your earning. So let say you purchased 10gh/s $10. You earn based on that 10gh/s, should be simple as that. Your earning could be 25 cent some time and sometime 1 cent and sometime $1, again simple.

Ming Pool, Contract Mining, and Exchange. Now this is complicated, and I would stay away if you don’t know what you’re doing. Basically a mixture of Mining, then trade your coins to other coins back and forth. Or you can also buy contract, so basically your earning is going in a circle, you try to make more money or more coins based on what you have. Some may succeed, a lot will fail despite the price of Bitcoin up or down, just a lot of poor decision, or bad luck.

SCAMMING – these are the Mining Pool with lots of flavors including a static amount earning set in stone even if the value of Bitcoin Cryptocoins dropped. To me, basically the owner operator willing to a take loss? NOT if they’re loosing they will close and run away. So if they succeed, because Bitcoin value rise skyrocketed they will remain in operation for long time right? WRONG again, they will try to attempt to stay long, but they already have goal and will run away once they reach that goal and seen proper time to exit with all the money they got from investors including Bitcoins and other cryptocoins.

Why a Mining Pool would fail? – a mining would fail when the cost of operating is higher than the amount of money they make from fees, mostly caused by Bitcoin price dropped. So let say the pool have 2% fee, so $10 would be 20 cent profit. Oh but wait! it’s not dollars, it’s actually the value of the Bitcoin or the coins being withdraw or payout. So the 20 cent could be 20 cent for now at the moment, but if Bitcoin value dropped, the 20 cent is no more, it could be 10 cent or less; however if bitcoin rise skyrocketed then 20 cent will be 25 cent or more depend on the value of Bitcoin and how long the operator is holding the coins. So the Mining Pool will fail when the hash rate dropped, and also when Bitcoin value dropped, because the money from fees is not enough to cover for the operating cost. Simple.



Flight recorder Black Box found for Flight AirAsia Flight QZ8501

The black box or flight recorder found for Flight “AirAsia Flight QZ8501” that crashed into the ocean and at the bottom of the sea for many weeks now. This is a different airplane, the other one still not found, nothing was found for that flight, it had vanished.

Hopefully there will be some closure on what happened to this airplane causing it to go down, we probably already know it’s not a missile, it’s not terrorist, or mechanical malfunction either based on maintenance record.  The closest prediction would be weather related.

PerkTV VMWARE VPS Virtual Machine? BAD IDEA!

The sad thing is that, PerKTV will allow your PerkTV to run on virtual machine but when you try to withdraw or cash out your earning, that’s when your account will either get banned or you will just “Reward Cancelled”

OK so what is this. This is in regard to PerkTV, pay you for watching advertisements, whether it’s commercial or movies trailers etc. You get points for each one you finished watching, and only android version 4 and newer, and IOS iphone version 7 and older, or I guess iphone 4 and up, older devices forget it. Cheating is a bad idea, don’t think you can be smarter than PerkTV, they have a team, how about to be specific, they also have a team of high paying hackers background, whatever you’re trying to do to cheat, they will find out and cut you off sooner or later. Like I said, they will not banned you right away, they will wait until you try to cash out or withdraw your earnings, could be weeks or months, and then you finds out they’re not giving it to you, because they have proof you’re violating their TOS terms of service, on other word you’re cheating.

So don’t fall for those trap from and many other sites showing you how to cheat PerkTV, Swagbucks and so on, it will not work for long, you will get banned suspended, and sad thing is not right away, they will wait until you withdrawal request, and nothing you can do about it, because you’re cheating.

Now to the good stuff, yes you can make few dollars with perkTV by following their Terms of Service. If you’re not sure, ask PerkTV directly, don’t try to get answer from blogs, forums, rather ask your question directly to PerKTV.

PerkTV, bottom line. You can only have one account, you use up to five devices. Your household can each person can have their own account, and up to five devices for each account. Something to keep in mind is that, PerkTV paying less and less points now, before you know it, the earning probably will be too low to be viable to watch it anymore, this is where all projects will end.

Don’t go out and buy a tons of android phones, and ios iphone etc. you think you can get your ROI (return of investment) back soon, within a month, ERRR, do your calculation. PerkTV is like Bitcoin mining in a sense, the earning is less and less, and it is not long term running, it will end one day, on top of that earning is less and less. The only good thing about PerkTV farming might be low electricity, but if your earning is high, you will get 1099 misc and you need to pay tax on that. This is for USA resident only. So perkTV might be for a while before the program ends.

So if you like my article, please sign up perTV under my referral below, it will help me out. Thank you.


android ios perktc farm make money alternative to mining bitcoin cryptocoins

android ios perktc farm make money alternative to mining bitcoin cryptocoins

What will happen to Bitcoin? the miners the investors the consumers?

Here are my take on the fall of Bitcoin price. There are three groups of people that I categorized. The Miners, are the people whom mine the coins and keep the network healthy. The investors, are the people whom just simply buy Bitcoin and sell it for profit. Then the consumers, this group I think a lot of people would question, really? consumers? Well yes, as more Bitcoin ATM machine are being installed, consumers will the people whome convert their Bitcoin to Cash, Cash to Bitcoin then spend it on products and services just like cash and credit card.

So what will happen?

  1. The miners, at this point are thinking about quiting, quit mining because electricity cost are a lot higher than what they profit mining bitcoin. However if this is not the case, a lot of miner think this way, but they are more inclined to think that there will be a lot of miners thinks that, and so they will hang on to mining, hoping that other miners quit, result hash rate network down and whoever still mining get more coins. So I think the hash rate will not drop, even people are loosing money, but if this goes on for another couple or months where Bitcoin don’t pick up the price back to even $500, then most likely the miners will loose faith and will stop mining due to the loss, no money to pay for electricity.
  2. The investors, at this point, many older investors already drop out by seeing the activities of selling. Some investors held on to their Bitcoin because they don’t want to take a loss. Many purchased at $600 or more when it stabilized at that point, wouldn’t expect it to go down further, but it did to 500, then 400, then now 300. With this trend 100s is inevitable. But wait! when goes down so low, 100s, and there isn’t bad news about it, more new investors will jump in and start to push the price up again.
  3. For the consumers, to me in the Bitcoin communities I would call these group are the people whom spend the Bitcoin, including the merchants that are accepting Bitcoin. This is where I think it gets complicated. Will the people loose faith due to the value of Bitcoin fluctuate so much. Buying one coffee cost .001BTC for example, but the next day, it cost .005BTC, this will discourage the folks whom are using Bitcoin. However the positive side is it keep the momentum of bitcoin going mainstream active. The thing is not too many people know about Bitcoin, when they do it’s a learning experience, from beginners to too confusing then back to norm.


Is the end of Bitcoin BTC price expected to drop to $150 or lower in a few weeks

If anyone happens to be in IRC chat room, yes IRC still existing using mIRC or web-base. Join channel like #bitcoin, #bitcoin-pricetalk and so on, you will see some discussion from the expert and the end users and others comments on Bitcoin related topics.

What I’ve been observing in the chat room is that the price of Bitcoin will continue to fall to $150 or lower in a few weeks or so. While the news in regard to Bitcoin BTC activities isn’t much, not much further development on BTC ATM machine, not much development on BTC being accepted, not much going with BTC that would lead to mainstream Bitcoin. So what causes the price of BTC Bitcoin to go down? aside from selling and buying that is. Selling would cause Bitcoin to go down, buying would makes it go up. So we know that! then what causing people to sells their Bitcoin? there isn’t any activities in the Bitcoin world that would cause people to sell?

AH huh! yes there are. A few, and I have to say, more of a speculation rather.

  1. The person whom won that auction of 30,000BTC from the Fed Gov., what did he ever do with the Bitcoin? People can say one thing and does something else, so did he started selling hi Bitcoin slowly and causing the price to drop? again BTC transactions are anonymous.
  2. MtGox, what really happen to those Bitcoin that were loss? did it really get hacked? if yes then what did the hackers did or do with the Bitcoin, they could have sell it little by little at a time causing the price of Bitcoin to go down.
  3. Last but not least, are the giant investors start dumping Bitcoin due to not much development and realized it’s not going mainstream anytime soon to profit so they takes their money and invest on something else better?

As more and more people realize the existent of Bitcoin, they start getting confuses before they can really understand how it work, so maybe at this stage is a learning process. Bitcoin is about 5 years old I believe, since 2008 maybe, and was at pennies per coins, risen up to over $1000 in just few years, then dropped to $500 for a while, then now at $300. The prediction is that it will fall to $150 sooner than expected and that’s where it will really stabilized.

My prediction? well yes, same, it will be at 100s and flat lined there for a very long time. However it could be at $10000 again or at 1 penny, no one know, no one can really predict accurately.


Bitcoin crashed September 19th 2014 by Alibaba? target Bitcoin price $125 in a few weeks

Bitcoin crashed September 19th 2014 by Alibaba? target Bitcoin price $125 in a few weeks

Google Authenticator 2FA Invalid auth code message of death?

*** No, re-sync time on mobile device don’t work. Sometime it work, sometime it doesn’t. Mobile showing it’s correct, and some corrected.

Are you having trouble withdrawing your BTC or funds on In fact, even doing any kind of maintenance that required your Google Authenticator would cause issue, basically you can’t sign in, getting that infinite “Invalid auth code” message of death forever and ever. Well it may work a couple days later, if your funds or Bitcoin still exist in or

People are loosing faith and trust on according to Bitcointalk forum. People whom invested money on are all suckers, unless they have hundreds TH/s invested. People whom mined on in the past yield great result, but not it’s shrinking, and with daily frequent issue with the website interface, down time, and off the forever never ending issue ongoing with “Invalid auth code” so call 2FA Google Authenticator doesn’t work anymore. It almost seems like or holding our fund, preventing us from touching it, withdrawing it for that matter.

So it may not be a sync issue at all huh? it potentially be that are doing it on purpose so that nobody can withdraw any funds or Bitcoins, or changes access to their account with 2FA enabled? Hmm ok, so what happen if we disabled 2FA? well if you can that is, might be playing some other tricks to hold you fund.

Now is this is a selective group of users where doing the “Invalid auth code” to? or is it random? or perhaps manually by someone at

For everyone whom are using to mine, to be careful, their pool are shrinking, getting smaller and weaker, might want to jump pool before it’s too late.

Unless fix the server maintenance issue popping up now and then, and especially fix the 2FA, otherwise people will become more skeptical on the direction are going, not a good sign for folks. Be real extra wary about, perhaps stop using them until the fix those important issues where they blamed on our devices, instead of check it on their end to see if anything can be resolved. Whatever it is, need to be fix promptly instead of pointing finger.


Do you know 4K camcorder are out and on the shelves at your local retail store?

Yes, although the 4K camcorder been out for a while but the price still hasn’t decrease much. In fact, today if you’re shopping for a 4K camcorder it might be difficulty to find it at your local Walmart Target Sears, but it’s there, they will be carrying it soon in stock as demand goes higher. I think the demand will be higher as long as marketing strategies for the 4K is genuinely effective. The price, by the way today is as low as $1000, in fact Sony have one for $1700.

The technology in the 4K is incredible in term of the pictures quality. Have your watched any 3D real3D IMAX especially w/ HD quality off course, notice the big differences. Yes some of them are not even close to 4K, but the picture quality is incredible. Now imagine you can produce your own 4K home video, but wait! to get the best pictures experience out of your 4K videos, you would need a 4K TV monitor also, well that’s a different story.

Anyhow, you can get the 4K videos and eventually all TV will be at the 4K level. If you don’t know what 4K is, then I will make it simple! it’s movies production quality, or let just say it’s better than your 1080p 1080i HD blu-ray, yes it’s that good. Some people might not notice probably because they have a small screen or TV monitor, get a big projector that can project HD, then you will see the big different! 🙂

what is 4K resolution TV HDTV Camcorder

what is 4K resolution TV HDTV Camcorder


How to make money every time you buy anything

This is working for many years now and helps a lot of people, especially online. The only website that is straight forward and have support available with updates and communication that are very clear.
FatWallet Coupons and Deals
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So you get your friends, online, offline, neighbor, blog, social network to join today. You will not be disappointed. I’ve been doing fatwallet for a long time already and always get paid correctly and as promised. You will not rich or become millionaire anytime soon with this, but surely every pennies count toward your cash flow income 🙂 best of all it’s tax free.

FatWallet Coupons and Deals

Planet Mars latest interesting finds captures on Satellite image orbiting around Mars a bolder rolled down the hill

What’s the latest on planet Mars? Well one interesting thing I picked up is that a bolder rolled down Martian hill and stand upright. Here come the conspiracy theory! Martian, alien actually came out of the hole and pushed that rock out of the way, a satellite was lucky enough to capture that image as it happens or immediately after that happened, or perhaps just as satellite circled around Mars orbit.

planet Mars underground lives came up and pushed a bolder over rolled down the hill captured by satellite orbiting on Mars

planet Mars underground lives came up and pushed a bolder over rolled down the hill captured by satellite orbiting on Mars