Self driving car are more readily available than ever

A few years ago, I thought hat for self driving car would need to redesign the road and put those sensors on the road for the car to navigate, boy! am I wrong on my thought. Now the driving cars just equip with many sensors and cameras, and the help of GPS it can navigate it way around. Taking the google car for example, does close to 100,000 miles with 2 accident that weren’t its fault, some other driver were hitting it. I think that’s a big accomplishment.

But now, more and more, and almost if not all car manufacturer have a prototype of self driving car. In fact it’s available now for sale to drive on the road. Especially in Japan. In the US, I think laws has compliance has to be set up first.

Mtgox bankcruptcy status changes and how to stay safe using Bitcoin secured

There isn’t any hope that anyone will get any money cash USD or other currencies back, let alone Bitcoin. No one should be dreaming anymore that one day their money back. This kind of news released to the Mtgox communities just heart broken and causing more stress and off course loosing faith on Bitcoin. Bitcoin isn’t safe, you can hacked easily, and the hackers sadly are the one that would like to see Bitcoin going somewhere up but apparently they’re destroying Bitcoin. There are good and bad hackers, the one that are greedy and want to destroy and profit to themselves are the one that only care for themselves and maybe another person with their own reasoning.

However on the bright side, you can protect yourself from being hack with a few antivirus and some of them are free like if you’re using Windows. The best one I recommend is malwarebytes, cheap small and effective. Then install another antivirus such as Norton Mcafee, or something reputable. Then you’re good to go. The best practice are, don’t click on any link on the email, instead visit the website directly, if you need to click on the link, ensure to move your mouse over to the link first ensure the domain spelled is correct, such as not notice the extra L ? yep that’s the trick to hack your paypal account. It’s not that hard, people just have to be vigilant, similar to walking down the road, you never know if a car will hit you, or someone walk to you and snatch your purse. So practice safety.

how to protect yourself computer mobile device from being hacked especially bitcoin easy way

how to protect yourself computer mobile device from being hacked especially bitcoin easy way

To whom it may concern,

This is a notice related to the bankruptcy proceedings of MTGOX Co., Ltd. (the Tokyo District Court 2014 (fu) no. 3830), which we are sending to you pursuant to the request from the Tokyo District Court.

On July 24, 2014, the Tokyo District Court 20th Civil Division issued an order to change the period for filing proofs of claims and the date for investigation of claims as follows (please refer to the attached file.).
Detailed information for the filing of proofs of claims, including the form of the filing document and the process of the filing will be disclosed through the website of MTGOX Co., Ltd. at a later date. Your patience would be very much appreciated.

(Old Date)
Period for filing proofs of claims: until November 28, 2014
Date for investigation of claims: February 25, 2015 10:00am
(New Date)
Period for filing proofs of claims: until May 29, 2015
Date for investigation of claims: September 9, 2015 1:30pm

This email address ([email protected] ) is used only for the purpose of sending messages, and we are unable to check and respond to any replies to this email address.
Since we plan to provide the information regarding the filing of proofs of claims and the bankruptcy proceedings by posting it on the website hosted by the bankruptcy trustee ( ), please check this website.

Bankrupt MtGox Co., Ltd. Bankruptcy trustee Attorney-at-law Nobuaki Kobayashi

Teamviewer detecting commercial usage? here’s how to fix

Are you getting messages or being detected as commercial usage for Teamviewer software? Yeah and you’re not using for commercial. You just have a lot of computers to connect to at your home, family members, friends. However one small mistake could locked your Teamviewer account to being detected as commercial usage. I’m not sure how this work, how it detect you’re using it for commercial.

Well it happened to me, I blog earlier. However a couple days ago I contact Teamviewer, they responded within 24 hours asking me to send them some log files, which I did, and they responded hours later and I was surprise!

Below is the message. I thought their intention is to make money, but surprisingly they do allow home usage, so if your Teamviewer got detected wrongly, you can contact Teamviewer to investigate, and you’re using it for home only then don’t worry about it. However the moment you connected from an office corporation or company address IP, you’re locked detected as commercial usage forever. Reinstalling ain’t gonna help. I believe mainly based on IP address, if you have residential ISP you’re ok. But if your IP is business class or from office company business ISP then you probably will get detected.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you very much for your message.

I set your ID to private, non-commercial usage, because I believe you that you do only use TeamViewer for private use.

So you are now able to use the free, non-commercial version again.

But please keep in mind:
TeamViewer is only free for private, non-commercial use.
If you want to use TeamViewer commercially, please buy a license.

The free version can only be used in a private environment – for example if you help friends or relatives in your free time and do not receive any money for it.
Commercial use is every usage in a business environment. This means, if you use it at work or support customers and colleagues, it will be commercial usage. Therefore you are not allowed to use the free version of TeamViewer in any office environments. As soon as one of the PCs participating in a session is connected to a commercial network (office/school/etc.) it is considered commercial use.

If you have any further questions or require further information, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,


Fixed my S1 fan problem?

A few days ago, I blogged about one of my S1 dead. Power connected, Ethernet connected, fan connected, power on, started mining and within seconds to one minute the whole system shut down. I tried to reboot by turning it back on with power supply on/off switch. Thought the power supply is dead because psu did not turn back on. I removed the power cable to the S1 miner, unplug power cord, turn off switch position on psu, for a few minutes. Turned switch PSU alone and the luckily the PSU started right up.

I hook the PSU back to the miner, but no luck, it does the same, mining for a few seconds then the PSU shut down again. I noticed the fan act funny. The fan on the S1 miner when boot up the fan spin for a brief few seconds and stopped spinning, even when it start mining which heat up the blade but fan still don’t spin. So I by-pass the fan connector to the board by hooking it directly to the PSU 12v wire which will fan it 100% all time. Reboot the S1 miner but still nothing, same thing it does with the fan spin 100%.

So then I realized maybe because this S1 miner no longer like my freq of 393.3 overclocking to get that 200GH/s, so how do I restore the original freq without internet, because with the internet the S1 will automatically start. Simple solution below to restore to default freq.

  1. Power up the S1 and immediately go to your miner IP address and go directly into the System – Startup program and click on Stop cgminer.
  2. SSH to the S1 ip address, login as root
  3. edit the freq file back to 350mhz, save, exit and reboot.

**PS** If you cannot get the miner to stop mining based on step one above. You can try connecting the ethernet cable directly to one of your computer ethernet port, then change your computer IP address to match with miner IP address first three segments #. Example if your miner IP is, then change your computer IP4 ethernet IP to manually all across, then SSH or web browser to your S1 miner. You will not have internet using this method, so no need to worry about the S1 miner will automatically mine temporary.

Voila! now you’re back at 350mhz which will mine at speed of 180gh/s and it’s stable. Works for me 🙂 now I get my 180gh/s back. Loosing 20gh/s though. The fan still don’t work when plug directly to the board, I think the firmware might have play a big role effecting it, I could have restore the firmware also, but this 100% fan direct to the PSU works fine, just have to keep an eye on it though, since I’m not 100% sure it was the overclocking problem, could be something else.

how to fix s1 miner crashed shut down fan problem

how to fix s1 miner crashed shut down fan problem

S3 now shipping from anyone still mining bitcoin?

Just in case you missed!. announced that they’re shipping the S3 now today at this moment. However the question is, anyone still mining Bitcoin? I have to ask because, for those that still mining, when was the last time they did ROI on their Bitcoin miner investments? factoring in the electricity cost, the initial cost, accessories, Bitcoin value rise and fall, no way anyone can make money even 6 months from the day they start mining. It is a lot better to buy Bitcoin directly than buying bitcoin mining hardware.Sure sure! you can say you do it for fun! do it as a hobby! you’re ok with the loss! and so on. To me it does not make sense.

So today, the hash rate kept on increasing, even if individual miners no longer invest in bitcoin mining hardware, but the manufacturer of those mining hardware does. They spent large investment for mining hardware, mine bitcoin for a while and then sell it to individual for cheap. They’re making money both way, while us individual miner get the bone with no meat! yes it’s not fair but what can you do? it’s not regulated, you just have to be vigilant and smart. Manufacturer of bitcoin mining hardware, and large data center with big investment are the one that make money, not us individual miner, again we just get the bone once they ate all the meat.

Hope everyone consider carefully before getting that cheap price bitcoin mining hardware. You’re not making money, not even ROI in 6 months. Just study it carefully do your homework, factoring in, take things into consideration such as down time, defective hardware, electricity cost, maintenance, cost of the initial setup, cost of hardware and accessories, cost of time to watch it keep it up and running. All those, why go into all the trouble and when you already know how bitcoin work, just buy bitcoin directly. No way you can make the same amount of bitcoin buying it today than mining it for 6 months or more. Please! take my word on this. I’ve been mining for over 2 years.

bitcoin miner hardware antminer s3 shipped but no quick ROI loss of investments

bitcoin miner hardware antminer s3 shipped but no quick ROI loss of investments

BTC Garden 610GH In Stock now!

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What is going on with bitcoin withdrawal Oops! Sorry! Error: Insufficient funds

If you’re mining on pool. You might encounter something like below error message when trying to withdraw your Bitcoin mined. “Oops! Sorry! Error: Insufficient funds” even if you entered the amount of bitcoin a lot smaller than what you have on your balance, it still gives you that error “Oops! Sorry! Error: Insufficient funds”

What’s going on? is cheating? they don’t have the Bitcoin? stolen? Well let’s not jump into conclusion so early. I asked the same question in the chat room, but everyone ignored my questions and comments. So, am I the only encountering this problem? or was it just the chat have no one mining, they’re just trading. Because most of the time when question related to mining, others would respond, people still mining?

I don’t think is cheating, but maybe at this particular time frame, it wasn’t working properly. If that’s the case, then why I tried again later it still doesn’t work. The problem with “Oops! Sorry! Error: Insufficient funds” appears to be happening on August 3rd 2014 for me and right now is August 4th 2014 still no luck. My next attempt will be close to midnight tonight on August 4th 2014. If it doesn’t work again. I will surely have another blog entry in regard to this withdrawal Bitcoin issue “Oops! Sorry! Error: Insufficient funds”

By the way, many others encountering the same problem, dated back few months ago. Look like there was a solution but it wasn’t a real solution, perhaps just to kill time.

is scamming people Bitcoin mining withdrawal issue? Oops! Sorry! Error: Insufficient funds

is scamming people Bitcoin mining withdrawal issue? Oops! Sorry! Error: Insufficient funds

Child locked-in-car alone device cost less than $100 to install easy

So you have money to spend on a nice car, upgraded your car stereo dvd system or nice set of wheels for your car, but you didn’t spend money on having a child safety locked-in-car warning?  despite the fact that you know you have a toddler? EPPING! unbelievable, these devices are out there, and it’s not that expensive or hard to install, what? you afraid it will not look nice on your car than the safety of your child? ePP yOU! come to my house, I will install a workable device that can irritate the FRACK out of you when you leave your car with your child inside so this would never happen! can you imagine the agony death how the child take his or her last breath before death!? I should stop watching the news, some news just pisses me off

Lately there has been a lot of fatality related child locked-in-car, mostly extreme heat, and possible extremely cold also, and off course loss of oxygen even the temperature is just fine.

The device could be homemade, or professionally installed for $300 or less. I personally can create a device right now for less than $100 installed and it will irritate the FRACK out of you to make sure you bring the child out of the car.

Where can I buy AC fan motor capacitor and other HVAC parts?

Short answer: at, search for the parts, buy it, and go pick it up at the nearest location to your area.

No, you’re not going to find capacitor, or AC fan motors, or AC contactor at homedepot, lowes, walmart, ACE hardware, and so on, they don’t have it.

You can call around locally nearest to your house but, those HVAC places around you probably not going to sell it to you, they will only sell it to contractor, like those people charge you an arm and a leg to fix your heating cooling system. You will be better off looking for local electrical supplies, such as they’re the best, they have all the parts to your home AC and heating replacement parts. Keep in mind that it’s better for you to bring in the old parts when pick up the replacement parts to make sure it will work, it does not need to be 100% exact model or part#, but other specification match to the minimum requirement is good enough.

For example. I have Lennox AC unit located outside the house. Late it made loud humming noise. Found out the motor wasn’t spinning, although the compressor ran but very loud I guess due to the heat built up. Luckily I caught it on-time and shut down the AC.

I shut off the circuit breaker panel to the AC unit, also pulled out the shut off switch to the AC unit, then use the volt meter to ensure no more voltage or power feeding to the AC unit. In addition I also discharged all the capacitor by shorting it.

Next I removed the top cover where it hold the motor, disassemble enough to see the motor model #, specification and wires. Went online to and search for the spec.

Since nearest location is an hour away, I went ahead and check those other parts on this 5 years old AC unit and buy all replacement parts at the same time. So I got the capacitor, additional ran capacitor for the new motor, and the contactor since this could go out in 5-10 years. So I removed all these items and search for the same spec replacement parts at Drove an hour to pick up, and no they don’t ask if you’re contractor or personal, they might ask if you’re picking up for yourself or for your company though. It’s ok no worries, yourself is fine.

Went home and replaced it. Connect back the shutoff connector, switched the breaker back on. Turn on the AC controller on the thermostat, the AC unit kicked on 1 time for 1 sec, then off, then it kicked in again 1 second then off. Don’t worries, just leave it alone. Within 15 minutes or so, your controller thermostat will eventually trigger the contactor to turn on the AC. Give it sometime, don’t get scare thinking it doesn’t work. It will work just make sure you get all the wiring done correctly and you hear a momentary trigger to turn it on. It almost seems like it’s learning on how to behave properly with the new parts.

where to buy AC compressor fan motor capacitor contactor?

where to buy AC compressor fan motor capacitor contactor?

IRC mIRC chat room are still pretty much famous for getting quick answers to any questions you have

Most people probably still remembers the good old days chat room. From BBBS, dial up modem, to AOL chat, then eventually we had that IRC chat room, then with a bunch of others like ICQ, Paltalk, and so on. Well guess what? IRC still exist and pretty strong.

The most famous public chat room IRC server probably is just like the good old days It’s still public and still free, with many relay servers all over the world to keep it up and running. However file sharing probably shrunk or disappeared.

Whether you have questions about kids, math, electronics, how to, and so on, there are chat room in there that you can quickly ask a question and someone will answer. But! remember this very important. Whatever answer you received, take it into consideration before believing in it, taken it seriously or perform the tasks being recommended suggested. It could harm you. Just be smart.

So instead of hopping on forums, google search and youtube, you might be better off in IRC chat room. 🙂


Our skies will be littered with drones coming soon

Amazon announced while back, trying to deliver your products via drones. First of all, I would like to say or answer the most famous technical question of all. Too many drones out there will crashes into each other, well folks, if you’re into technology you would probably figure out the answer. Drones are high tech flying machine, when we talk about high tech equipment, we probably already know that it has sensors, GPS navigator, and so on.

Take the prototype google car for example, it has hundreds upward to thousand cameras and sensors, including GPS navigation. It got into two accidents, and the accident was not caused by google car by another car hitting it. So now let’s look back at the drones, you don’t think the drones has cameras and sensors? so yeah, not easily will bump into another drones that easily, and off course whatever delivery business using the drones would need to map out safety flight path comply with local, state, and federal regulations.

This is the new era of delivery. I can foresee many will be out of jobs, specially to those pizza delivery folks, usps, ups, fedex, dhl, messenger service, drug dealers and so on. Most if not all will be eventually out of job, the machine will be taking over, and most likely will cause chaos, human will attack these drones, but for sure there will be fine for destroying, consider as destroying other people’s property, in this case the drones could cost upward thousands of dollars and possible jail time, and don’t try to get away, because you can’t, this machine has many cameras and sensors, you are being recorded. So yeah, I think it will work out.