Cointellect “Waiting to Executed” pending dogecoin payout + 20% fee

** update ** January 20th 2015. Dogecoin payout is not instant, not one hour, not two hours, over 12 hours passed, many members are reporting no payout went through. Most if not all dogecoin payout went into pending mode to be executed. Look like Cointellect is in trouble making payout EVEN WITH THE 20% fees implemented, not sure really what Cointellect are doing with people’s money contract investment. If these issue continue to exist, most likely Cointellect will shows its true face, just another HYIP taking advantage of the crypto currencies to lure people in to invest, when it run into trouble, it will try to operate with minimal payout to keep investor coming for a short while. People that purchase mining contract through Credit Card, better to prepare to contact Credit card company or bank to file a dispute. For those that invested using Bitcoin, you’re out of luck, your money is gone, however you can still help new investors whom consider to invest in cointellect, by reporting Cointellect as fraud, but let’s wait for the next couple days to see if anyone payout will go through.

** update ** confirmed dogecoin payout instant works but not really instant, could take some time. Continue to monitor activities from the chat room. The 20% is a killer, Cointellect could have done a better job just taking less than 10% some even mentione 2-5% max. For sure, Cointellect business is in trouble.

Look like the instant Dogecoin payout was instant for probably a brief moment. As of now many people saying Dogecoin payout withdrawal is no longer instant, all appears to be “Waiting to Executed” in other word, no longer paying instantly and no one know when instant will be back or if even Cointellect have enough funding to pay. This is on top of the 20% fees Cointellect already pocket from your earning.

Cointellect mining pools appears to have problems also connecting. So many problems with cointellect now. Not sure what the future look like for Cointellect over the next days and weeks if it will still exist.

Just to put things into perspective.

  • For mining: Your earning. Let say you earn $1 a day. Now will be 80 cent a day, but that’s if the Cointellect mining pool is up 100%. Most likely the pool will be off and on and sometime disconnected you the hole day if you’re not watching and so your earning could be zero. If mining up, most likely 50%, so your 80 cent a day will cut in half if you’re lucky 40 cent a day.
  • For investors, people whom purchased contact at Cointellect. You will be seeing 20% cut, simple as that, hopefully no funny stories Cointellect will announce to cut your money even further. So now you need to do some math. If your you invest 14EUR, and expect to get 14EUR back in 7 days? Well not really, you will be only getting 11EUR back, that’s right! it’s a loss.
    • Do the math. If you invest 99EUR, and expect to get 199EUR in 3 months? NO, wrong. You will be getting back 159EUR. Basically you’re loosing 20% overall earning, this is if Cointellect don’t manipulate your earning further. If they do, and you buy contract with your credit card? You better contact your bank to file fraud case. If many people does that, then Cointellect will be flagged as fraud and eventually will get shut down.