[Payout problems] Cointellect struggling as more and more negative feedback

Over the past few weeks, to today, even after the appearance of Cointellect at Bitcoin Expo 2015 in Europe, still all negative comments about Cointellect popping up all over the internet websites, including many of Cointellect Facebook fan page, and there are a tons of them out there, I don’t know why they created so many or allow their affiliates to create so many, I guess it cannot be controlled.

If people are searching for information about Cointellect payout of earnings, or even about Cointellect alone will most likely landed on one of the facebook Cointellect page and will likely to see a lot of negative comments. It was different few weeks ago, but as payout and of earnings from members having problems, people are complaining they haven’t got paid for days and weeks, and got cancelled.

This is in addition to the Cointellect Mining Pool problems, it’s a separate big issue with Cointellect Mining Pool. The issue today is the earnings payout not happening. Cointellect have to admit that they lied about instant of Dogecoin, it was not and still not instant, it takes days and sometime got cancelled and restart and sometime back to the same problem.

So many problems now with Cointellect, but according to one of the Cointellect Facebook page so call COO are encountering negative comments as well, let see if those negatives comments will get deleted or will Cointellect struggle to resolve issue. I think it’s best that Cointellect should come out clean, be honest and transparent, admit that they do not have the funding to pay due to the falling price of Bitcoin, yes be honest like CEX.io. What Cointellect doing is lied, they knew they don’t have funding, but not being transparent since they’re hoping by being quiet they will continue to get investment flowing in.

Now if Cointellect have funding then those technical issue should have been resolved, not that hard to fix. Mining Pool, Payout Dogecoin, Payout Cryptopay, for Paypal it is true there is limit, but the other two shouldn’t be much problems.