Bitcoin BTC mining difficulty level at 510929738.016 that’s 510Million

The next difficulty will be in 12 days, and if the trend increased by 100 millions each time, the next one will be between 600 to 700 millions. Are you getting nervous yet? excited perhaps because the bitcoin BTC price had risen to $260 and keep on going up. Well folks, I don’t know how the new miners folks going to make money or even the BTC Bitcoin miners manufacturer can make money, people are not going to buy on a machine device for a single purpose that will not make them money and it’s simply a piece of metal and silicon that can only mine Bitcoin, cannot do anything else.

For example Butterfly Labs they appears to still selling their Jalapenos Bitcoin miners and even with the next level up 30 50 and even 60 GH/s will not yield return of investments for the users, unlesss the Bitcoin price is at $500 or more and keep rising. Apparently the bitcoin price is really cannot be predicted accurately similar to stock market, it can rise and fall faster than the stock market, but same concept with stock market. If you’re a miner, if possible you should save your Bitcoin, BTC, save it and hope in 10 years it will worth $1000 per BTC or more, so if you mine even with 1 coin a month, 10 years would be 120 months, $120K worth of cash there, as you can see it’s better than any other investments such as college funds money market and high risk top company stock.

Overall, there are a lot of risks involves. Government can shut it down, still on the table although they said they have no plan. However they can shut down the exchangers such as mtgox and so on if they see money laundering suspicions, no worries if real business exchanging bitcoin are complying with federal laws in the state.