Can’t stop thinking about Bitcoin BTC

Even though I was with the family today the whole Sunday today going here and there, but when I get chance I hop on the internet with my 4G HTC and continue to read about Bitcoin. So many people had bad feedback about it and so many people had good feedback about it, but all have good points.

From what I see, even with the new system ASIC such as the one from Butterfly lab, will make the level of difficulty higher and will discourage all GPU miner, but if those GPU miners rig smart enough about this, they probably use the money they had from Bitcoin mining and probably pre-order a bunch of these ASIC system already just in case, and I bet those super rig people ordered the $30K system instead of the one thousand or hundreds.

For me, I’m new, I have not mine anything yet, and just got my BTC e wallet yesterday with zero BTC LOL. Hopefully by Wednesday next week I get all my equipment and assemble it by Thursday night and have least a dual 7970 card running GPU mining by Friday and hope to make 1 BTC in a couple of day with a pool, I’m guessing dual GPU 7970 would get me about 800 MH/s that should get me one BTC per couple of days I hope, probably I’m not going to overclock the video card just yet, but will see, probably need a better power supply, I believe I have the 400 or 500 watts one coolmaster, if each GPU pulled 120Watts total of 240watts and the cpu and system use another 120watts, that total to be 360 watts it should be able to handle it. My current rate of electricity is 7 cent per kilowatts, if I’m able to get a BTC per couple day I should be making a profit I hope. Let hope, stay tuned, will have update frequently.

obsessed with bitcoin BTC mining can't wait to get started BTC is at all time high will speculate to go up higher

obsessed with bitcoin BTC mining can’t wait to get started BTC is at all time high will speculate to go up higher

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