Computer load up everything so slow?

Over the past few weeks I noticed one of my computer load up real slow, I mean very slow, from the time it boot into windows 7 and then loading up a couple programs, then I noticed when I try to access the hard drive via windows explorer it’s super slow showing me the drive and contents. So I’ve experienced something like this before. I use ccleaner – doesn’t help, defrag the hard drive – slow and error, then I come to a conclusion my hard drive is failing and will crashed soon and data will be very hard to recover if at all.

So what to do next? – get a hard drive exact copy image program, so call hard drive ghost, meaning it will replicate the exact copy of the hard drive, the process probably takes several hours depending on how much data you have if you want to copy everything over not just windows programs, well that’s what they call ghost right? A good program to use probably is Norton Ghost utilities. This is good for both business and personal user, for me I have a server, that serves http which is website, music streaming, and also does the famous internet crypto currency BTC Bitcoin 🙂 hey I’m making money on that so far, a 50% return, meaning if I pay $10 for electricity, I make net value of $20 but pocket $10 🙂

Anyhow, if you have the same symptoms with your computer, I recommend a ghost image utilities software such as norton ghost, but there are free one out there also can do the job well, a simple hard drive to hard drive copy, and yes you SSD also, not just hard drive, and off course yes you do a bootable image exact copy to boot the computer as the old drive. This is also known as clone, cloning a hard drive.