Do you still make money doing web design?

With all the technology we have today, creating a website isn’t that hard. Especially more and more people are going high-tech becoming more computer literate, if not then they know someone know about computer that they can assistant. So the question is, can you still make money doing web design? YES and NO.

NO, if you open a business down at the street corner somewhere or rent an office paying rent each month and lots of expenses, chances are you will not make much money, you’ll be lucky to break even. However in all cases, there will be a lucky person out there got pick up by a rich company or someone rich enough to buy them out and expand it, although the person will still be the owner, just expanding, then you make money.

Yes, you can make money web design, but probably better to get hire and work at a company, or a consultant with consistent work, not like a contract 3 months here and there, and next 3 months no contract, that will not work out.

These are just my personal opinion, others might disagree and some may say I don’t know what I’m talking about. I design web as a hobby, and I have over 100 websites, contents ones for google adsense, and yes I make money off of google adsense. So if anyone going to do web design, think about your experience and the market share. Likewise, you shouldn’t put all the eggs in one basket, or in this case, don’t just do web design, build a contents website or blogs, to get more revenue.