Don’t trust xigmatek on givng you rebates they’re the biggest fraud scam

I’ve been buying technology items almost every other days and most with rebates, and I got all my rebates except for one friggin selfish company, Xigmatek, this company look like Taiwanese or China, I can find one in New York city, and look like American workers work there, but many Asian employees. Never ever trust getting a rebate from this company Xigmatek, because chances are you will never get it, don’t matter if it’s $1 or $100 rebate, you will never get it. If I search online for rebates from xigmatek products like the gaiga or something like that CPU fan, you will see 100% none of the people get their rebate, these folks even tried to get lawyers to get rebate but nothing was done by this company xigmatek, they just either ignore or provide some make up information about your rebate not being received or you do not qualify because error, if you’re lucky then you probably get it like almost 6 months later or more.