Is cowboom selling defective products? NS-D7PDVD 7″ Dual Screen Portable DVD Player

I just received this good deal item from cowboom so call Best Buy products, and it didn’t work, look new and everything, but put in the dvd but it keep on saying no disc. Sent support message on their website¬†

I just bought this, plug it in, put in a original DVD not recorded one, and it keep on saying NO Disc, and I tried many other DVD it still say No Disc, any idea? Thanks


Will see if they respond, I think it’s defected, who knows, but will see, I guess we pay what we get, cowboom might want to be careful buying refurb stuff on there.

update: cowmboom rma return formweb site don’t work! cannot submit LOL¬† argggg

Actual RMA work, you have to be login and on the main page of your orders, simply click RMA Request, free shipping label as well.