KNC Scrypt miner shipping? KnCMiner Performance increase

Well no! not shipping yet, still being estimated for Q2/Q3 of 2014, well I though Q2 almost over, what fiscal calendar are they going by? Anyhow, the latest news from KNC Miner, good news I guess, hash rate increased for its Scrypt Miners equipment. At the same time, Bitcoin price went up a little bit over the last couple of days, after taking a low of $350. Whoever bought Bitcoin BTC at $350, and now just couple days later, it went up to $520, that’s a big profit per BTC. However it’s hard to really win, tempting but very risky like stock market. The only different with virtual currencies trading is, tax implication still being work on, so enjoy hiding tax while people can. Highly not recommended to hide tax, it’s against the law.


From: Kncminer <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Subject: KnCMiner Performance increase

This is a small update with important information for all Neptune Customers.
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Hi All

So we have a few updates that we would like to share, some of you may already have seen the updates in our shop so you will have to excuse us if it’s old news. The newsletter contains updates on the following products:

Titan performance increase
Mini Titan & Neptune Launch
Neptune Third Batch
Upgrade cards
Jupiter 3TH update
Neptune power requirements

Titan Performance increase
As we get closer to tape out we are able to provide more of an update, and due to the demand of our product. We are now able to confirm it will indeed be a 28nm process we will be using. This means we are able to confirm that the minimum performance will be 300MH/s for around 800watts of power. This upgrade in performance will of course be given free to all customers. For more details click here

Mini Titan Launch
We have been requested by many to launch a smaller range of products allowing more people to purchase our devices. Well we agree. More people should be able to take part in mining for crypto-currencies so we are again launching a mini version of our future miners. The mini Titans and Neptune’s will ship alongside the full size products and like our previous Saturn and Mercury miners will be based on the same size box as their respective full size models to allow future upgrade modules and flexibility. For more details click here for mini Titan and here for mini Neptune.

Neptune Third Batch
Due to continued demand especially with the continued rising in the bitcoin economy, we have also launched a third batch of Neptune’s with our best ever dollar per hash rate The price for the new box is 5,995 USD, The boxes will ship round 4 weeks after batch two finishes. For more details click here

Upgrade cards.
We have also released 400 upgrade cards for those of you who wish to still purchase them. They are being shipped from stock and the first boxes have already left with UPS yesterday. Each card is now only 350USD plus shipping. You can order upgrade cards here

Jupiter 3TH
The window for conversions has now closed we have had over 400 conversions which means we are actively trying to fill all of the orders we have but we will contact customers individually if they are too far back in the queue to be converted. The good news is that the shipment for these orders will begin Tuesday next week after the Easter holidays and we expect it to take only a few days to have all boxes shipped out to customers.

Neptune Power Requirements
While we will not release the maximum performance of the Neptune miner we can now release the required power supply to give people time to purchase them. The maximum power draw will be 2100w of power and we recommend this to be either two 1200w power supplies or three 850watt power supplies. This does include a bit of a safety margin on our side and of course underclocking will be possible to reduce the power requirements even more.

KnCMiner Team
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