Look like Vertcoin are making progress in the Cryptocurrencies world

First of all I wouldn’t recommend anyone whom had never mined any of the Cryptocoin before to start mining, because chances are you’re not going to make any money off of it, unless you mine just for fun because you have a good video card for gaming. However you will be paying a lot of money for electricity.

So the alternative is to buy cryptocurrencies and let it grow or fall for that matter. The thing to watch out for are activities on the coins. The volume traded to be exact. As of today and I’ve been monitoring the activities, the best coins to buy and trade within each other are, 1-Bitcoin, 2-Litecoin, 3-Dogecoin, 4-Vertcoin. I would only trust these coins, simply because it has very high volume traded each day. Vertcoin scrypt-n algo will probably be the next big coin. Scrypt-n was created to be immuned by ASIC chips, next to impossible for ASIC chips to mine scrupt-n. Scrypt and SHA256 there are already tons of equipment manufactured to mine these coins at a very high hash speed, however once the coins are depleted or you can no longer earn a good amount the equipment is basically useless.

Vertcoin can only be mined with GPU CPU and so on, so it might be the next big hit and probably will neat Litecoin soon.