MtGox latest update for people whom loss money bitcoin

I’m not sure why this MtGox thing still updating the communities? isn’t it over a long time ago? There isn’t any money, any bitcoin can be giving back to the members or account holder, why are they kept on updating?

MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee Apr 25 at 9:00 PM
MtGox Bankruptcy Trustee

2015年4月22日より、ウェブサイト( )において、


破産債権届出に関する一般的な説明及びFAQや、本システムを利用できない場合の破産債権の届出方法等については、MTGOXホームページ( )のニュースリリース欄において公開されておりますので、こちらも合わせてご確認下さい。

なお、このメールアドレス([email protected] )は破産管財人からの送信専用であり、貴殿が本メールアドレス宛の返信等をされても内容確認及び回答などの対応はできません。
本破産手続の進行等については、引き続きMTGOXホームページ( )で情報提供をする予定ですので、当該ウェブサイトをご確認ください。

破産者株式会社MTGOX 破産管財人弁護士小林信明

To whom it may concern,

Since April 22, 2015, we have been making available an online bankruptcy claim filing system (hereinafter referred to as the “System”) that enables users of MTGOX Co., Ltd.’s Bitcoin exchange (hereinafter MTGOX Co., Ltd. will be referred to as “MTGOX” and the said users will be referred to as “Users”) to make online filings of their bankruptcy claims, etc. at our website ( in relation to MTGOX’s bankruptcy proceedings (case number 2014 (fu) no. 3830 at the Tokyo District Court; hereinafter referred to as the “Bankruptcy Proceedings”).

Bankruptcy creditors who are Users are eligible to file bankruptcy claims against MTGOX regarding Bitcoin or cash through the System. Please visit the said website and file your bankruptcy claim within the period for filing bankruptcy claims (until May 29, 2015).

After a User has logged in to the System once, the User can file claims against MTGOX regarding Bitcoin and cash via Kraken’s system, which is operated by Payward Japan K.K. and its group companies (collectively, “Payward”) which are supporting these Bankruptcy Proceedings. It is necessary for the User to become a Kraken user in order to use Kraken’s system. By becoming a Kraken user, the User may be able to enjoy certain potential benefits, such as (i) in the case where a bankruptcy distribution is made in Bitcoin, the ability to receive a bankruptcy distribution in Bitcoin (please note that it has not yet been determined whether a distribution in Bitcoin will be possible, as the bankruptcy trustee is still investigating the matter), (ii) the ability to receive a bankruptcy distribution more easily, by receiving the distribution via an account opened with Kraken, and (iii) a reduction in the amount of information that must be entered when filing a bankruptcy claim, as the information which the User provided to Kraken when registering to become a Kraken user will be used when the relevant online forms are completed in order to file the User’s bankruptcy claim.

General instructions and FAQs, including details of how to file a bankruptcy claim if you are unable to use the System, are available in the news release section of the MTGOX website ( Please read these news releases as well.

This e-mail address ([email protected]) is used only for the purpose of sending messages, and we are unable to check or respond to any replies sent to this e-mail address. We intend to provide information regarding the Bankruptcy Proceedings by posting it on MTGOX’s website (, so please check this website on a regular basis.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Bankrupt MtGox Co., Ltd. bankruptcy trustee, attorney-at-law, Nobuaki Kobayashi