appears to be working well

Bottom line, if you’re using pool to mine Bitcoin, you would know that it’s probably the top pool for mining Bitcoin. With the successful of of BTCGuild the owner created Scrypt mining version of it. The cool features includes auto convert and auto switch work well so far. On top of that, the owner probably has the best experience in the field of cryptocoin mining, we’re not talking about a newbie, a start up business, what we’re talking about here is the a successful pool operator has the best reputation for running Bitcoin pool.

Although are still in Beta status, but I went ahead and moved all my scrypt miners GPUs over Scryptguild already. Now I don’t have to do anything, but just make sure all my miners are mining. The scrypt coins will auto convert into Bitcoin and will move to my wallet. Then when I’m ready to sell, I move it to Coinbase and sell it. Be careful! you might not want to move your coin to coinbase directly from mining pool, it’s not a good idea, trust me! 🙂 – just a few typical tips, always back up your wallets in different location and media, always encrypt your wallet with impossible to crack password.

I high recommend everyone doing scrypt mining to give a try, the auto switch could be very profitable rather than mining the same coin all the time.