10 gallon fish tank some guppies glofish are dead

It started a couple days ago where I notice two guppies fish are swimming near surface water for some reason while other fish are down below. One glofish died today, sad. The reason we got the fish was to have variety of tropical fish swimming around for fun. Shouldn’t be a lot of work, but we could be wrong.

Our thought after talking to the walmart fish staff members, for starter, get a 10 gallons tank with kits included and purchase additional $15 heater.

  1. Rinse the tank with water
  2. Fill the tank with tab water
  3. Put in the water conditioner or whatever specific amount for 10 gallon
  4. Put in decoration
  5. Let is sit with water filter and heater on for a couple days
  6. Buy variety of fish, put it in the tank and feed once a day.
  7. We did that, the tank appears to be clear it’s not yellow or dirty.

But still, one glofish died today, another glofish swimming on near surface water was the guppies, they all look weak. The other two big fish still moving around freely no need to be on top of water. So I wonder if those big fish bully on smaller fish by chasing it, biting it, causing stress and injuries, thus the smaller fish died in this case one of the glofish.

We probably end up with just two fish in the tank pretty soon, I have the feeling the guppies and glofish will died soon, and I don’t want to spend a tons of time tried to maintain the fish tank checking PH level and so on, we would like it simple, feed it once a day and water change once a month.