All cryptocoin value dropped again

The trend continue to be, up a little, big down, up a little big down. Before you know it, Bitcoin will be back to below $100 a coin.

Currently not just Bitcoin, but the whole Cryptocoin market is down. However Dogecoin is a bit different. Often time than not, when Bitcoin up, Dogecoin maintain it’s value sometime drop a little bit, but when Bitcoin down, Dogecoin most of the time rise. So if this is true, it’s best to sell Dogecoin to get Bitcoin when Bitcoin is down. Then when Bitcoin goes up, cash it into currencies of your choice, not another cryptocoin off ┬ácourse ­čÖé

It’s sad to see Bitcoin dropped from $1000 to $300 within 7 months, then now toward $200 in less than a year, doesn’t look like Bitcoin will do well in 2015 either. However knowing that no one can predict the value of bitcoin, just based on the trend between 2014 and today most likely it’s not going up to $1000 again in 2015.