Cointellect 30% fee on weekend? what about Mining Pool performance?

The week end will be starting pretty soon, or already started for most regions like Europe and Asia. Cointellect officially announced the 30% fee for withdrawal under 10eur will be ongoing no ending date. I think this is just another manipulating strategy to use forcing the members to buy contract instead of mining. Although it does sounds like a legitimate reason, but the question I would ask is why? why now? why not starting at the beginning?

What about Mining Pool performance during the week end? As many members on other blogs and forums indicated they started to have problem with cointellect mining pool again. It’s the same problem that happened for quite a few days during Christmas week. Cointellect mining pool not responding, cannot connect, timed out, waiting for work, and so on so forth. Basically it’s official it was indeed cointellect mining pool issue, but once again cointellect did not explain the reason why it wasn’t working properly. This lead me to think of manual intervention as cointellect are doing some testing, modification, or manipulate the pool earning and difficulty level, don’t know for sure because it’s not transparent.

So on top of the 30% fee for weekend withdrawal, cointellect mining pool might have issue also.

There’s a member or user, or maybe one of cointellect staff, with nick name “Cointellect” or “Cointellect Support” has been trolling the internet websites and tried to respond to all posts in regards to cointellect negative comments. It turns out this nick name member appears to be one of the member him/herself. So if this is a pyramid scheme scam, this person sitting on top of the chain, he/she could be making a lot of money daily.

Like many people say, and I mean people with experience on HYIP (high yield investment program), “any program that offers high % commission for investments referrals and only through referrals membership sign up, potentially a scam” I think I agreed with that statement, although I’ve seen linkshare and offers commissions but they’re not scam 🙂 in fact I’m still a member with them. However cointellect is different, they’re not like or linkshare.