Cutco pyramid scam please prevent your workers from knocking on our door

Really? I was feeding my 3 years old daughter and a knock on the door, someone trying to present us Cutco products, by now people know Cutco selling knives set through multi-level marketing strategies, so call ponzi pyramids scheme scam, yes it exist and they still operate, incredible isn’t it, but door to door? you kidding me?

Anyhow, I guess I’m not the only person would be talking about this or blogging or tweeting for that matter, would you “Cutco” company some how get the message to your worker or whoever related to your company to stop selling door to door, I thought your method was word of mouth, you don’t go door to door, rather you’re selling it through word of mouth recommendation referrals one person to another like a pyramid scam that you’ve been doing. Sheesh! ruin my after noon. The person was nice and everything but I hate to have that guilt feeling after slamming the door on him saying we’re not interested and it’s not the first time we’ve come across this “Cutco” thingie!.