How a child can survive being hit by a SUV while playing on the street?

Unbelievable! Watch this video and many people would ask, how can that child survive? The child got run over by a mini SUV and survive! I can understand the clearance on most SUV are high, high enough for that kid to escape death? Incredible!. However the real story on this is, never leave your child unattended, not even a moment. This child was lucky to be alive, let alone some bruises. How did this child got ran over by a mini SUV and survive? It was just luck, the car was moving slow, and the child got push over laid flat down on the ground, luckily the tires didn’t ran over his body, and he survive. It was luck. So now here come superstition, Chinese believe in the ancestors protecting their later generation families, so it was their ancestor whom protected the child! oh come on now! is that how to protect the child? if it’s true, then why could their ancestors just slap the kid ask him to move to the side since the car is going to hit him. This is an excuse Chinese parents probably have, it was their ancestors protecting the child, no need to worries.