How to improve your writing or typing blogging?

How to improve your writing or typing? Since I’ve learned on how to blog on this website. I noticed that I mis-spell a lot of words, use the wrong vocabulary, and grammar error. I have received complaint people confused or doesn’t know what I’m writing or talking about due to these errors, so I have decided to find new ways to have it proof read for me before I post it on the blog.

My first option was to use the old fashion Microsoft Word, write the blog using Microsoft Word, and then have it do the grammar and spelling check for me, then I can post it on my blog. This should help me greatly, because some people even makes fun of my writing because of too much grammar errors and so on, I find it funny sometime made a joke out of it, but I realized it I should fix it, have it proof read before posting. This way I will have high quality contents.

My other option which is using some website that offers proof read checks spelling and grammars such as, it seems to be doing a lot of checks for you. Just type, and then click on Check your text. I don’t know what’s the maximum text allowed, but I typed this whole blog into the text box, it appear to allow me to typed it all in there. Now click on “Check your text”. If it looks good, will post it on the blog.