I got back to facebook and nothing change much

I quick facebook for almost a year, however I still browse it once in a while to see what people are posting, but never really said anything or respond to anyone 🙂 My impression was facebook is there to make money, so they use your contents to make money, and who’s making them money? it’s you, without you they get no advertisement, those little annoying ads that you see here and there, that’s them making money off of you even you don’t click on the ad they will make money for impression. Bottom line, if you post large blog, then better to have your own blog like mine, then put your own advertisement on it from google adsense for example to make few $, facebook great for micro blog talk crap but watch out for nosy people checking you out like your co workers or linkedinn account might get you in trouble, so maybe set your facebook to private or only allow 1 level of friends to view what you post and anything about you 🙂

It’s funny that I see people post No Schooling or youtube schooling on their profile and a career as homeless, they think it’s funny, but if linkedinn work in conjunction with facebook, you might loose your job or questionable profile or  will not the job or promotion that you want, so watch out, what you post might hurt you later on, not just career but also relationship. Take one instant from a friend of mine online, engaged to a girl in Vietnam, but have online friends, and they girls, and so they flirt around and the engaged girl friend in Vietnam joined in and later she doesn’t find it funny anymore and started to be jealous of some kind, and now they’re writing a novel to each other, LOL 🙂 if you know what I mean, pointing finger with long letters email 🙂