I hate shoutcast pops up initial advertisement there isn’t a volume control bar

Shoutcast really irritate many people like me. I go to shoutcast and search for my favorite radio online streaming radio station, and when I click on the Play icon, it pops up and play a very loud advertisement or initiate the radio station I selected to play 25 secs or so I think, I hate it because it doesn’t have a mute control or lower down the volume, and sometime I turn it on at night which I have the volume on the player low, but the shoutcast advertisement have no mute or lower down the volume, so it blasted with highest volume from my computer volume control and disturb everyone around me especially at night when everyone sleep.

Why doesn’t shoutcast fix this? is it just me or does many other encounter same scenarios? I love shoutcast, but please make it in a way flexible enough at least for us to lower down the volume on your advertisement! sheesh! I guess free stuff is not always good.