It’s officially Christmas 2012 in the East Coast USA

Merry Christmas everyone, whether you’re christian, Buddhism, or just simply don’t believe in any kind of religious, I’m sure you know Christmas, who doesn’t know Christmas? If I get a NO from anyone, most likely that person is a liar.


So, I’m a catholic, and many Catholic would attend the mandatory mass today til midnight is when Jesus born, yes the mass is very long and kids will definitely fall asleep, I know I brought my daughter to one of the mass and she felt asleep then woke up, then eat snack, then nap again, it was a very long mass, I see a lot of people attended, not too many younger.

Christmas is being celebrate world wide, not just here in the USA, however I do believe it probably started in the USA or at least we made it big national Holiday here in the USA. Many companies and business closed on Christmas day and some even close on Christmas’s eve and the day after Christmas, but again some companies closed or shut down for the whole two weeks to celebrate Christmas and New year.

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