KNC Our new Scrypt miner available and shipping in Q2/Q3 2014 100MH/S + speed

If you’ve been following up on cryptocoins activities, or signed for newsletter from KNC, you probably would have received this letter below from KNC. It’s confirmed that KNC are developing scrypt miners to mine scrypt coins, this include the famous Litecoin and Dogecoin.

This has come with no surprise to me, because I know one of this day these Bitcoin miner equipment manufacturer will turn toward scrypt because it seems to be more famous now than Bitcoin. Don’t get me wrong, I know that Bitcoin is ahead of the game and it will be the primary coin that will survive over other virtual currencies. As of today, the only coins that I know would be able to exchange for cash easily is Bitcoin and Litecoin. However with online exchange business like BTC-E, you can probably exchanged many other coins showing up on their website for cash, so not just limited to Bitcoin.

BFL, FastHash, AMT, Contera, and so on, so far have no intention confirming their involvement or future development of scrypt minining equipment. The problem appears to be as of today, it’s difficult for those manufacturer to fulfill their pre-order due to the fact that the chips are not readily available as the primary problem. Secondary problem involve with the difficulty level kept on rising for SHA256 Bitcoin mining, as the value of BTC Bitcoin goes down. People are not seeing their Return of investment (ROI) anytime soon, so these smart folks would probably not going to buy it, on top of that many bad news for Bitcoin activities lately such as closure of many Bitcoin exchange, and Government related activities.

Back to the scrypt miners. There are many scrypt miners equipment already being sold on the internet today, the most famous one probably the gridseed miner, is like a usb erupter board but has larger heat sink and initially cost similar to the first production of the usb eruptors, $300. The price will go down eventually as more and more scrypt mining machines being sold and produced. Off course eventually the GPU mining day would be over, since there isn’t any crypto coin that can benefit from mining using GPU if the these scrypt and sha256 machine are being produced massively driving the cost down, adding more hash rate to the network which raised the difficulties level of mining up, making it impossible for GPU mining to make profit due to the use of electricity.

So maybe now is a good time to ebay all your older GPU, get some money while you can, and then think hard about preorder this 100mh/s scrypt mining equipment, it could be profitable. However be careful, as the payment might not be applicable for refund. Read the term of service, don’t think that you can change your mind not to buy the machine anymore because you cannot wait, or you see the price of scrypt coins dropped, or government activities shut down all cryptocoin world wide. So do your homework.

For me, I’m thinking of doing that now, sell all my GPUs on ebay, computer board also. Then with enough money maybe place pre-order of the KNC scrypt miners 100mh/s and hopefully six months will get it, and value of crypto coin still good, and difficulty don’t get higher than it is today but doubtful though. Today minig with these GPU the cost of electricity just not as profitable as before because of the price drop for crypto coin currencies.

From: KnCMiner <[email protected]>

Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Subject: Our new Scrypt miner

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OK, so the day is finally here. We can now officially launch our first product dedicated to scrypt mining.

The Scrypt mining market has grown over the last 6 months and we have been watching it very closely. The time is now right for the launch of our new offering.

The device is being called Titan and is available here. The same team and partners have been working together again. With their expertise and speed we expect to ship titan before the competition and have a product that outperforms their offerings.

The details of the device we can reveal today are as follows:

Minimum 100/MH/s of performance. (likely to increase as we get further down the development path)
Uses a Standard ATX power supply (customer supplied ATX).
Based on the existing Jupiter form factor but will have blades containing numerous chips inside.
Shipment begins in Q2/Q3 of 2014.

We will keep you all updated as the development progresses.
For those of you wanting to convert an existing Neptune order to a titan order please contact customer service for assistance.

as for other news, We passed a huge milestone in the progress of Neptune last month when we passed the “tape out” stage of the production. We are now in the foundry stage and as soon as the chips arrive we will let you all know. More info about the tape out is available here.

KnCMiner Team

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