Let your woman yell and beat you up she’ll love you more

Whether many will agree with me or not. To me, I think it’s better to have your woman, and I mean your wife, significant other, girl friend, whatever … let her yell let her talk, they pissed at you, but in a long run, if you shut up and just ignore or just let her say something in one ear and come out nothing on the other ear, when she done, it’s done, doesn’t mean anything, you already know what! OK so my point, the woman will remember that you’re good listeners and the woman will realize that she might be wrong, but you look at her as she’s always right, woman likes that, they like it that way, although she know she’s wrong, but she came out right, and when she’s wrong you look at her as she’s right, but she realize she’s wrong, she’ll love you more and potentially be more faithful, if you know what I mean LOL.

I got a friend, wife in Vietnam, he’s in the US, eventually will be together in early 2013. Facebook, yes, has friends chit chat, flirt yes, turns into jealously and angers, then the long distance wife got upset and teach her husband a lesson, the husband doesn’t like it, but accept it anyways doesn’t respond to messages, doesn’t answer phone call when she call. I think it’s bad that he didn’t answer the call, to me, I just answer and listen, remember “stick and stones can hurt but words never will” well to many people saying it that it hurt them emotionally and it might worst that hurting them physically, up to you to decide. Reaction from many people might be different, but there is a concept that people can applied.