Multipool and Megamultipool for cryptocoins mining

With the price of Bitcoin and Alternative coins fluctuating, one day you could profit on this coin, the other day another coin, and sometime one coin skyrocketed while the other coin drop like a rock! So it’s not easy to pick which coin to mine although some people make it simple and have their method normally just to mine one coin and wait until it spike and sell.

Or, the other way is to use multi-pools to see what other people are mining as top 10 or so, this way it’s also can be use as an analysis or a way to determine which coin to mine at the moment. However the moment could last minutes or hours but most likely certainly not days. So if people whom have fast hash can benefit great from multi-pools. I know two pools as example can achieve this. and¬†

Kind of similar to coinwarz dustcoins,¬† and¬† will show what’s popular being mined, and you can switch pool without creating new workers or accounts, simply adjust your port #, and it will instantly mine another alternative coin than the one you currently mining.

I don’t know how much of a benefit though. I can see that people whom do daily mining, meaning they mine and sell the same day or within 24 hours could probably benefit some, but something the price just drop within the hours the coin you mined could stay low for a very long time. So if you’re a daily trader, exchange, seller, then probably pick a stable coin such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin to mine as it doesn’t fluctuate as much, can be sell same day.