Shout out to my 2nd fan of my blog from Honduras! yay!

I received a message from my 2nd fan of my blog. Yay! ­čÖé From┬áHonduras! I think I heard of┬áHonduras country at least once or twice. Thanks buddy for the message. You mentioned I might have more fan reading ­čÖé that would be great. I’m already motivated to writes without knowing anyone is reading.

I┬ádidn’t know┬áHonduras have tough life style, in that case, I think it’s similar to Vietnam where I lived and grew up. Our salary in Vietnam is about $60 to $100 a month for the poor. Then the average people now a day earned about $200 a month. Then the educated with degree can earn from upward from $200 to $700. Off course the rich here in Vietnam getting richer, and the poor getting poorer.

I played with HYIP for a very long time. I always tried to beat the system, but I can never really beat it. However it helps me to do extensive research and experiment to what to watch out for and inform other people. There are lots of websites out there that have a purpose of making money, whether it’s HYIP, click to get paid, download trojan and virus …

Talking about blogs and websites. There are tons of similar blogs and websites out there, and the reason I don’t think my blog would be visible to anyone because of other blogs and websites uses blackhat style SEO, meaning they littered the internet websites with back-links and social media sites with referrals links and contents tied to their websites. Those methods get their websites to be on top searches. Google and other search engines wouldn’t even see my site or or displayed on search result due to this reason.

Many SEO methods out there that even a one page website can take over legitimate contents websites. Taking cointellect for example. Cointellect website is an example of a website that uses blackhat methods, with many back links from many social media websites such as facebook, twitter, youtube, blogs and so on. Cointellect took advantage of the popular social media websites to popularize its name “cointellect” the interesting thing is it’s not illegal, just that cointellect is taking advantage of the method and kept on expanding its name, one facebook cointellect site to the next. As a result of this many blogger and researcher look at cointellect has suspicious business strategies on top of that being operating similar to HYIP.