This just proof UFOs exists if we still have no idea on exact location of Malaysia FLight #370

Ever wonder if UFOs indeed exist? Maybe so, maybe not? Well about taking the latest incident with flying object, such as this Malaysia Flight #370 disappeared from Radar between the peninsula of South Vietnam and Malaysia. It’s been over a week and still no sign of that airplane.

I had done research on UFOs back in my Junior Year in high school, Yerba Buena High School in San Jose CA to be exact. It was Enlish 2 class assignment, and I picked UFO as the subject to do the research. The biggest question all is, does UFOs exist? the answer is leaning to YES, but he had no credible proof, from all my 5 sources. The sources are books on UFOs, Science, and one sci-fi source also just to be fair.

The research I had done on UFOs in high school wasn’t as comprehensive as I could have done today if I get that chance again. Ever since I’ve been fascinated with UFO until after marriage with kids, I lean more toward having a career to support my family, but my ambition always gears toward science and technology. The research I had done result in a positive outcome leaning the answer to yes UFOs exist because we have no other way of explaining it. Taking a sighting here the US, I picked the River Side in California, my cousins actually witness it along with many others in River Side California, still today I believe it’s still a mystery although the government and officials explained in a technical way what it was but again they have no proof. We don’t have proof either that it exist either.

Back to the Malaysia Flight #370, it’s been over a week, what’s going on? We went from Airplane missing from. After the time the plane supposed to arrives at its destination, which did not shows up, small research team indicate that it could crashed down to sea near South Vietnam. So the South Vietnam coast guard sent a rescue team and found nothing but some oil residue which turns out not be credible evidence that it crashed there. Then many other countries involves in the search and rescue and found nothing as well in the South China sea of South Vietnam. Then more research being done, they’re saying plane made a U turn or V turn to be exact based on the ping data. Then the last ping turns out to be back near the Indian Ocean. So Indian Naval rescue ships dispatch but found nothing as this day. More and more vessels and airplanes being dispatches but still nothing.

As of now, based on data, showing the larger radius of where the plane could be. Submarine probably will get called in to search under the ocean as well. One point China released a what appears to be a wreckage of some sort but not confirmed based on satellite images capture right after plane went missing day time. The location of the wreckage was south Vietnam. Few days later, satellite images captures being released to the public to help find wreckage during the day that the plane went missing, it called crowd computing. So far nothing credible.

In conclusion to make a long story short. If all the effort from many countries (over 11 countries), with the advance technology we have, with all the resources we have, we cannot trace the plane flying path, let alone finding it somewhere in the ocean, or at the bottom of the sea. What does this tell us when comparing with UFOs? UFOs exist, just that we cannot locate or find it that easy, not on radar or an advance equipment that we may have to detect it. We would missed it easily because UFOs does not want to be seen. So for the airplane, if it doesn’t want to be seen, it is possible to do so, even airplane was designed to be seen and track on radar.