Today is the last day of Lunar New Year

Also known as Chinese New Year and Vietnamese New Year, although some other Asian countries might celebrate same Holiday. At work, Asian branch most if not all closed for this Holiday, although maybe security and a couple staff might be working or on call. As for me, I work 🙂 remotely from home office actually.

In Vietnam everywhere, whether you’re rich or poor, you celebrate New Year, TET 2013 year of the snake. Vietnam poverty level is very high, and the rich are getting richer and some of the rich does help out the poor similar to the US, but a bit rare though. In the US as President Obama State of the Union address speech last night indicated that poverty level in America some of poverty people live with just $1 a day, how do we reach to them? Second thought now I don’t remember if the president say the world or the US alone poverty people live with just $1  a day, I think he meant some countries.

Anyhow, enjoy what’s left of the last day of Vietnamese Chinese Lunar New Year 2013 🙂

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