What make the best digital SLR DSLR cameras?

So my friend and I were on a discussion about which digital SLR cameras are best, in term of spec and functionality, we both did research and compare spec. and he had professional photography experience, he did photography as side job during weekend, and for me videos photographer is one my many hobbies, no one ever really pay any pennies or I take money from anyone LOL. So we discussed and researched and agreed on two things. A great professional cameras must have two things. 1-Fast shutter speed. 2-good lens.

#1 shutter speed.– shutter speed is β€˜the amount of time that the shutter is open, if you have a slow shutter speed camera, that mili seconds counts when you see the posture is perfect, PRESS IT πŸ™‚

#2 good lens. If you’re into photography, and or been shopping for a camera, you would know that the lens sometime cost more than the camera body πŸ™‚ yes. But why? To me, when I bought the D3200 Nikon, the lens comes with the camera I think is perfect for all purpose, it’s #1 that’s why it’s included. However you do need certain lens for certain tasks whether it’s low light, or bright light, or taking closed up pictures, or fast moving pictures or giant para pictures … there are lens for those.



why do you need a good camera lens for DSLR do you really need it?

why do you need a good camera lens for DSLR do you really need it?

See reaction from youtube users and reviews on certain camera lens for DSLR and quick snapshot camera with interchangeable lens.

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