What’s the alternative of making real money? other than SCAM HYIP

The short answer is Google Adsense.

Quiet a few people I already see on forums, blogs, facebook, twitters and many other social network websites doing commenting, feedback, long dialogue sometime, but most of the time short comments, maybe a few words, those are call micro blogs. These are consider as contents.

Google Adsense work best with contents, not any contents but unique contents with your own words, not from someone else’s writing, but your own writing. Yes, Google Adsense will know if you copy someone else’s work or duplicate contents and your website will get penalized as a result. Penalized in a way that google search engine will not crawl your site anymore, even if you force it to crawl. It’s not easy, or should I say next to impossible to outsmart Google Adsense, even if you manage to outsmart them, it will be short live, in some cases Google Adsense will freeze your earning, and will probably never give it to you due to term of service violation, it’s a big NO NO.

So, how do you make money with Google Adsense? unique contents. Write with your own words, don’t worry about grammar and spelling, eventually you will be good at it, you will improves. Just ensure it’s your own words. You’re doing text messaging, facebook, twitters today, why not link it to your blog or turn it into a blog? ¬†Get your $5 domain name, and get $1 a month wordpress hosting, and start blogging. Yes you would need to get Google Adsense account, but don’t apply now, wait a couple of months. After you have demonstrated being consistent on updating your blog, google will know, then you can apply for google Adsense account.