Administrators of a gaming business embed Bitcoin mining code into user’s computer to mine Bitcoin

I knew this going to happen and it did. A few days ago “Competitive video gaming community E-Sports Entertainment Association secretly updated its client software with Bitcoin-mining code that tapped players’ computers to mint more than $3,600 worth of the digital currency, one of its top officials said Wednesday”

Isn’t that something? well probably not. Because Bitcoin miner know that this will happen, as it already did with a Skype virus that embed Bitcoin miner into user’s computer to use its CPU to mine Bitcoin, although the mining rate hash rate are low, but millions of computers using skype, that’s millions of hashes. Good thing it was detected and removed, but probably not after the author or whoever wrote the virus probably made some very good Bitcoins off of it and probably in development of another virus to do the same, again and again. So people with computers they don’t need to use, turn it off or unplug from the internet.

Well back to the story about this gaming company, basically many people know gaming computers have awesome graphics card also known as GPU, these GPU can be use to mine Bitcoin, each GPU average about 100mh/s to 700mh/s depend on the model. The Administrator hack or embed a program into user’s computer to mine Bitcoin using user’s computer’s resources and electricity. The thing about mining Bitcoin with GPU is it uses a lot of electricity, the bill could be significant if mine 24 hours with just one GPU. On top of that your computer might appear slow and you wouldn’t know it.

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